How much is Dubai Metro monthly pass?

How much is Dubai Metro monthly pass?

Dubai Metro Nol card tickets and costs

Type of ticket/travel distance Nol card All zones
Weekly pass standard1 Silver 110.00
30 day (or monthly) pass standard1 Silver 350.00
Quarterly pass standard1 Silver 830.00
Annual pass standard1 Silver 2,670.00

How much are Dubai Metro tickets?

Dubai Metro Fares (Prices)

Ticket Type 1 Zone or <3km 2 zones 3+ Zones
Standard Adult Ticket (Red) 4 dirhams 8.50 dirhams
Pre-paid Standard Adult Ticket (Silver Nol) 3 dirhams 7.50 dirhams
Concessionary (Blue Nol Card) 1.50 dirhams 3.75 dirhams
Gold Class (Red Ticket) 8 dirhams 17 dirhams

How much is the 7 day Metro pass Dubai?


Silver Card Gold Card
7 days 50 220
30 days 140 700
90 days 330 1660
1 year 1060 5340

Can I pay cash in Dubai bus?

Bus drivers do not accept cash. NOL cards are used on public buses, metro and RTA WATER TAXIS. you can only buy nol cards at vending machine found at metro stations, some bus stops and other convenience stores.

Which Nol card is best?

RED NOL CARD It is the best Nol card in Dubai for tourists visiting the city. The Red Nol card is ideal for visitors and tourists visiting the city and staying for more than 3 days. The card is valid for metro, buses and trams.

What is last metro time in Dubai?

Dubai Metro: Green Line and Red Line
Monday to Thursday 5:00 AM to 1:15 AM (next day)
Friday to Saturday 5:00 AM to 2:15 AM (next day)
Sunday 8:00 AM to 1:15 AM (next day)

What is age limit of Nol Card?

The student’s age must be between 5 and 23 years.

How do I get a gold Nol Card?

nol Gold card price is 25 AED including 19 AED card balance….Purchase an anonymous nol card:

  1. The customer heads to any Ticket Office Machine.
  2. The customer requests the card type (Silver or Gold) from the station agent.
  3. The customer settles the fees.
  4. The customer receives the card.

Where can I buy a Dubai Metro Card?

You can purchase a one-time train ticket or Nol card at all Dubai Metro stations, bus stations, and at supermarkets such as Carrefour, Spinneys and Waitrose. To top-up your Nol card, use the vending machines or make your way to the ticket booths at each metro station.

Is there a map of the Dubai Metro system?

We have three maps of the Dubai Metro system. The first is a schematic map. This is a simplified map that shows the stations on both the Red Line, Green Line, and Route 2020. It also shows the transport zones that the stations lie in.

How long does the Metro run in Dubai?

The Metro only runs until midnight so you would need to get a train before that. The ticket price depends on if you buy a red nol card or a silver one. Check the tickets page for more information. Reply Sunnysays: July 24, 2017 at 2:01 pm Hi, im planning to travel to Dubai for 2 weeks.

How much does it cost to travel on Dubai Metro?

The prices for travel on the Dubai Metro, Tram and Buses are as follows: Ticket Type 1 Zone or <3km 2 zones 2 Zones 3+ Zones Standard Adult Ticket (Red) 4 dirhams 6 dirhams 8.50 dirhams Pre-paid Standard Adult Ticket (Silver Nol) 3 dirhams 5 dirhams 7.50 dirhams