How much is membership at Hervey Bay RSL?

How much is membership at Hervey Bay RSL?

The cost of Membership is only $12 per person for each financial year which runs from July 1 through to June 30, or we also have available a 3 year membership for only $30, and you can start enjoying all the benefits of being a member of the Hervey Bay RSL.

How much to become a member RSL?

There should be no barrier for any current serving member or veteran of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to join RSL NSW. That’s why we’ve made membership fee-free for any current serving or veteran of the ADF.

How do I join RSL Club?

If you prefer to download and submit your application by PDF (downloads available below), please email the completed PDF form to [email protected] or take it to your local RSL sub-Branch. For any assistance regarding becoming a member, please contact our Member Support Team on 9264 8188 or [email protected].

How do I join RSL?

How to join – two ways. Simply download the membership form, fill it in and submit it to your nominated Sub Branch (either in person or by email). Your Service History will also need to be sighted at the Sub Branch before your membership can be finalised.

Do you need a membership to go to an RSL?

You Need To Become A Member To Enter An RSL Members get all the perks like cheaper food and drinks, earn and redeem points, $20 Birthday credit, exclusive member promotions and more. At Dee Why RSL, our memberships are super affordable. But keep reading… we’ve left the best myth-breaking facts until last.

What is the benefit of an RSL program?


Benefits Social Affiliate
RSL Rewards program Yes Yes
Meal Deals Yes Yes
Receive newsletters/ emails Yes (email only) Yes (email only)
Discounts on bar sales Yes Yes

How do RSL memberships work?

As a member of the RSL you will enjoy the privilege of having joined one of Australia’s oldest and most respected organisations. You’ll receive regular communications and you’ll have voting rights where your voice can be heard and you can make a difference on important issues pertaining to veterans.

Who can join the RSL Qld?

The following are eligible to join the RSL: Any person who has served for not less than six months in the Regular or Reserve Forces of the ADF, or of any country not an enemy of Australia. Shorter service can also qualify if discharge was honourable and for reasons beyond the individual’s control.

Can anyone visit an RSL?

Yes, all of these clubs welcome visitors and tourists. You will need to show ID and sign in. Local residents must join the club if they live within a certain radius.

Do you need to be a member to go to an RSL?

Can anyone join the RSL?

All Victorians are encouraged to become a member of the RSL. Once upon a time, only those who saw conflict overseas were able to join the RSL. Times have changed in Victoria; our modern organisation has a membership option for everyone. We encourage you to join one of the largest member based organisations the state.

Can you wear hats in RSL?

Please respect that we are an RSL and request that hats, baseball caps, or hoodies are not worn while inside the venue.

Why join the Hervey Bay RSL?

The Hervey Bay RSL is one of the biggest entertainment venues on the Fraser Coast and is much loved by the 35,000 plus financial members. The club provides a variety of wonderful facilities for it’s members, visitors and guests.

Where is the Hervey Bay RSL in Pialba?

Bmee are located at 50-52 Torquay Road in Pialba. For further information, call them on 07 4124 2621. The Hervey Bay RSL Sub-Branch hosted a Remembrance Day service for the first time since 2019. The crowd of over 800 locals and ex-service personnel were welcomed by Sub-Branch President Brian Tidyman before Rev’d Jeff Jarvis’s prayers.

Did you see the Hervey Bay veterans Christmas party in 2021?

The Hervey Bay RSL Sub-Branch held a Veterans Christmas Party in the ANZAC Sports Bar at the RSL Club on 2 December 2021. There were over 50 guests, including members and friends, and all enjoyed the abundance of food, drinks, raffles and entertainment.

What did our Hervey Bay Wellbeing team do for Christmas?

Our Hervey Bay RSL Sub-Branch Wellbeing Team together with the RSL Club put on a delicious Christmas luncheon for our Diggers and their carers. Wellbeing Team Co-ordinator, Chrissy Dimitriou, organised a “Christmas Instagram Wall” and everyone got their photo taken and their pictures sent out to them with their Christmas Cards.