How old is Morton East?

How old is Morton East?

J Sterling Morton East high school was first founded in 1894, in Cicero Illinois. It has been the home of the Mustangs ever since with more than 100 graduating Classes. Both Staff and students have reported strange paranormal activity along with horrific incidents happening in the old building.

Who is Morton college named after?

Julius Sterling Morton
The district and its schools are named after Julius Sterling Morton because he was friends with Cicero resident and fur trader Portus Baxter Weare. In the high school district students living east of Ridgeland Avenue are zoned to Morton East; areas east of Ridgeland Avenue include Cicero and a small portion of Berwyn.

Is Hollis a real College?

The campus filmed for Hollis College in Pretty Little Liars is really that of The Ohio State University. The building shown in the main shot is University Hall, shot from the main oval.

How old is Morton College?

Morton College, the second oldest community college in Illinois, was founded in 1924 to meet the educational demands in the growing communities of Berwyn, Cicero, Forest View, Lyons, McCook, Stickney and other near western suburbs, which, at the time, comprised a national hub of economic activity.

How old is Morton West High School?

J. Sterling Morton High School West

J. Sterling Morton West High School
Established 1958
Principal Ms. Kristina Cavanaugh
Color(s) Maroon, Gray and White

Is Danby University Real?

Leeds Thomas Danby (formerly Thomas Danby College) was a further education college in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England offering courses for 16- to 18-year-olds and adults. The college was named after the first Mayor of Leeds, Captain Thomas Danby of Farnley.

Where was PLL filmed?

The hit television series Pretty Little Liars is set in the fictional city of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. However, outside of the pilot (which was shot in Vancouver), filming takes place almost entirely at Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank.

Is Hollis a real college?