How should a teacher understand the problems of the child?

How should a teacher understand the problems of the child?

A teacher should understand the problems by: ☆ By behaving as their friends. ☆ By calling the student alone to ask the problems he/she faces as students don’t tell in front of all students. ☆ By motivating him/her to tell and to do the right thing.

What will you miss most about school?

“When school is over, what I will miss most about school is math, art, my friends, my teacher, recess and gym. Math was so fun because I learned a lot. Art is so fun because I get to make stuff. Recess is fun because I play with my friends.

Was Noora a careless child How do you know?

Answer. no nora was not a careless child . because she is very good at learning . she was putting her all concentration at reading books .

How important is it to your school?

School is the foremost fountain of knowledge children are exposed to. It gives a chance for them to acquire knowledge on various fields of education such as people, literature, history, mathematics, politics, and other numerous subjects. This contributes to cultivation in the thought process.

Was Nora a careless child?

No, Nora was not a careless child because she was very motivated to learn as she came voluntarily to the teacher to help her in learning.

Why did the wind join the little girl?

The wind was impressed by the little girl because the girl was spreading the light of happiness and life among those who were eager to live. The wind joined the little girl because she was highly impressed and delighted by the girl’s play of life.

What did Nora teach the narrator?

Explanation: The teacher learned from Nora by observing her and by his experience with her reading. By observing Nora’s reading, the teacher learned the difficulties faced by children of unlettered homes. By his experience with Nora, he learned the learning difficulties of children.

How did Nana became a friend of a teacher?

The teacher was a family friend of Nora’s and once he visited her house over a weekend. He also read out a book for her. Due to visits, they grew fond of each other and slowly they became good friends.