How strong is Ampfibian?

How strong is Ampfibian?

Ampfibian has degree of enhanced strength, enough to restrain Phil with his tentacles. Even though his body is frail, Ampfibian is durable enough to withstand being thrown against a wall by Solid Plugg and getting hit by an Aerophibian’s neuroshock blasts.

Is there ultimate jetray?

Ultimate Jetray is the evolved form of Jetray. He is a free use alien made by Alanomaly….

Ultimate Jetray
Species: Evolved Aerophibian
Home Planet: Aeropela
Body: Humanoid Sting Ray
Other Info

What species is fasttrack?

Species Citrakayah
Home World Chalybeas
Body Cat-Like
Powers and Abilities

Who is faster XLR8 or Jetray?

XLR8 can run as fast as 500 mph. Jetray has been said to fly faster than the speed of sound, which is over 700 mph. And Astrodactyl isn’t even a speed alien, so Jetray is the fastest, XLR8 is the second fastest, and Fasttrack is the third.

Is AmpFibian in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Destruction?

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction. AmpFibian is one of the Andromeda Galaxy aliens playable in the game. AmpFibian is vital for progression on The Great Wall and The Amazon levels of the game.

Is there a Ben 10 Ultimate Alien game?

Play now Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Have fun with this new Ben 10 game here on !!!

How many chapters are in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction?

Good luck and have fun! Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction is an action video game released back in 2010 for various gaming consoles including Nintendo DS (NDS) handheld gaming system. The game features a total of 7 chapters for the NDS version. Each chapter represents a new location where Ben Tennyson must travel to.

Who is AmpFibian in Ultimate Alien?

Ampfibian is one of five regular aliens featured in the reboot to have a green Omnitrix symbol, the others being Alien X, Chromastone, Big Chill, and Bloxx. Ampfibian is the first (and only) alien introduced in Ultimate Alien to be included in the Reboot.