How to write the perfect personal statement?

The personal statement is your guide to the desired position. Including equally important documents, such as a resume and a document of specialized higher or secondary education, a personal statement introduces the potential employer to your previous activities, skills and qualifications in a concise form. This document allows you to stand out from the competitors, being part of the portfolio. The quality of the content of a personal statement determines the likelihood of taking you to work. It may also be required or attached to the general package of documents to higher education institutions.

What is a personal statement?

The personal statement is the first document that a potential employer will familiarize with, reviewing your portfolio and resume. This is a chance to demonstrate your strengths, admire your skills and show professionalism.

How to write a personal statement?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the personal statement is not a cover letter or a resume. You are limited to 150 words and the official style of writing. It should include a brief overview of your most outstanding parts that could shape you as a valuable employee for this particular company. Make sure that you do not burden the letter with unnecessary details and cliches like “hardworking” or “diplomatic”.

Points required for mention:

  1. Brief description with the consideration of the most relevant moments;
  2. Why are you interested in this post and why are you suitable for it;
  3. What are your career goals and ambitions and how can you justify them;
  4. Do you have experience in this field?

Even if you have no work experience, you can find other ways how to present yourself in the best light:

  1. Volunteering (active civic social participation);
  2. Chairman of the student debate club (leadership qualities);
  3. Winner of the International Information Technologies Olympiad (and other achievements).

In addition, it is not necessary to mention any inappropriate personal information. Beware of excess.

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The structure of the personal statement

  1. Where to start?

In the introduction, you need to briefly describe your qualities and ideas. For example:

“Qualified and adaptable X, which specializes in Y, with five years of experience”


“Highly qualified professional in the field of X recently received a master’s degree in the field of Y in addition to the four-year experience in Z”

  1. Main part

Your main goal in the main part is to present yourself as an employee without competition. List your positive qualities that are beneficial for this company, achievements, qualifications, skills and level of education. But do not repost. Everything should be brief and formal.

  1. How to finish the personal statement?

Your personal letter should impress your potential employer, therefore, the conclusion should contain your goals and intentions concerning this particular company, presenting you as a top candidate. For example:

“I want to start my career in X in a role where I can use the skills and experience gained at the university”

The personal statement of admission to higher education

A personal statement to a higher education institution is slightly different from an application for admission to work — the main points are identical. Here are some tips for applicants:

  1. First, make a sketch, and after several times re-check the finished personal statement;
  2. Find the perfect words and expressions. Consult with persons who have had experience in writing personal statements – your teachers, parents and other applicants;
  3. Concentrate on your strengths;
  4. Show professionalism. Write correctly;
  5. Do not forget about your additional achievements that are relevant to the university. For example, participation in competitions.