Is Boodles Gin still made?

Is Boodles Gin still made?

It is produced at the Greenall’s Distillery in Warrington, England, in a Carter-Head still. Boodles is known for its distinctive floral nose and lingering juniper flavor, with a clean finish.

Who owns Boodles Gin?

Proximo Spirits
Now owned by Proximo Spirits, Boodles is still produced by J&G Distillers but is now bottled in the UK at two strengths: 40% alc./vol. for the UK and 45.2% for the USA.

Is Boodles Gin good for martini?

For a Classic Martini: Boodles Gin ($23) Boodles contains no citrus botanicals because the distillers expect most gin cocktails to be accompanied by lemon or lime. But if you prefer olives instead of a twist, no matter—this gin makes for a clean, blankslate of a Martini that will gladly take on some brine.

What do you mix with Boodles Gin?

Pour one part Boodles Gin and two parts tonic into a highball glass over a squawk of ice, stir to a flourish.

Is Boodles Gin made with juniper berries?

It is then infused with a number of traditional herbs and spices including nutmeg, sage and rosemary, which all balance the piney juniper notes. Boodles Gin is crystal clear, with aromas of fresh citrus, juniper berries….More Information.

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Why is Boodles called Boodles?

The Club was originally located at 49-51 Pall Mall, and moved to its present premises at 28 St. James’s Street in 1782. The Club was named after its Head Waiter, Edward Boodle.

Is Boodles gin made with juniper berries?

Which gin is best for dirty martini?

Best for Dirty Martini: Hayman’s Gin London Dry “You get that classic juniper note, but with added spice structure and a bit of citrus and faint sweetness that creates complexity and depth. This makes it a good choice to stand up to the briny notes of a dirty Martini.

How do you drink Boodles mulberry gin?

Combine gin, lemon juice and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled champagne flute or coupe. Gently top with rosé sparkling wine. Garnish with a rhubarb candy spiral.

What proof is Boodles gin?

Note: This review is for the U.S. 45.2% ABV version. Boodles Gin was our second most requested gin review ever.

What is Boodles Gin made from?

The brand Boodles has been owned and distilled by many companies over the years— ranging from Seagram’s to G & J Greenall’s currently. In its current incarnation, Boodles Gin is distilled from a base spirit of British wheat. The botanicals are imparted through a Carter Head still.

What is the best gin for a G?

Boodles Gin is a quintessential classic style gin. Bartenders should feel comfortable making any cocktail with it and getting a predictable outcome. My personal favorites are the clean juniper forward Gin and Tonic. If you’re like me and sometimes want a heavy dose of juniper, you can omit the citrus altogether from your G.

What is a good gin to drink on the nose?

Boodles Gin reads like a classic gin on the nose. Very clean and quite straightforward. There’s a lot of juniper, but also a lot of angelica. A hint of spice and earthiness hovers in the background, albeit subtly.