Is Class 12 Economics easy?

Is Class 12 Economics easy?

As per the comments we received, the CBSE Class 12 Economics paper 2020 was quite easy overall with a slightly tricky Macro Economics section. Even the Indian Economy section which was introduced this year for the first time also contained nothing too difficult.

How do you score good marks in sociology?


  1. Keep yourself well prepared well in advance.
  2. Prepare Notes.
  3. Do not mug the answers.
  4. Do not study from various sources.
  5. Avoid mind-boggling.
  6. Try to study in groups.
  7. Ensure that you understand all the terms in bold.
  8. Solve a lot of question papers and sample papers to have a check on the knowledge you possess.

How do you score good in economics?

To fetch good marks in Economics, you should focus and give more attention to the most important topics from the examination point of view. After going through the most important topics chapter-wise, follow these five easy study-related tips to attain a maximum score in the examination.

What are the basic concepts in political science?

The expression “political concepts” refers to a set of concepts essential to any serious reflection on political life. This set includes authority, democracy, equality, freedom, justice, power and further concepts that represent fundamental political values and principles.

Can I study political science online?

Students earning a political science degree online can pursue an emphasis or a minor in areas such as history, journalism, communications, and economics. Courses within the major often emphasize areas like international relations, political theory, and the justice system.

How many years does it take to study political science?


How do you score full in economics class 12?

CBSE Class 12 economics exam 2020: Expert advice for scoring high and important questions

  1. Tips to Prepare the paper.
  2. 1.Divided your syllabus into Two parts.
  3. 2.Focus on past examination questions for macroeconomics and NCERT question of Indian Economy.
  4. Most important questions for Indian Economy Class 12.