Is dairy farming profitable in Odisha?

Is dairy farming profitable in Odisha?

Dairy farmer from Odisha scripts success, becomes inspiration for youths. 29-year-old Anand Pradhan of Gambharkata village started dairy farming in 2009 and today, produces around 100 litres of milk daily from 11 cows and earns profit of Rs 30,000 every month.

How can I open a dairy farm in Odisha?

They must check the following points before starting a dairy farm.

  1. Availability of good quality dairy breed cows in the nearby livestock market.
  2. Nearness of the Farm to Veterinary Hospital, Artificial Insemination Center/livestock Aid Centers, MPCS.
  3. Marketing facility of milk and milk product in the locality4.

How can I make a dairy farm project report?

Average milk yield/liters/day/cow….Feeding schedule in crossbred dairy cow farming project.

Particulars of Crossbred Cow Farming Project Cost (in Rs)
Cost of fodder cultivation in 1 acre. 15,000
2. Working capital
Cost of Feeding one cow for one month. 12,000
Total Rs. 3,95,000

What is the price of Gir cow?

Gir cow cost is ₹ 30,000 for each cow. Which is more in reality and ranges between ₹ 60,000 to 2,00,000.

What is the cost of Jersey cow in Odisha?

Jersey Cow 4 Years with Cub Details This Jersey Cow is for sale in Orissa, Ganjam. Lipu is the seller of this Jersey Cow. This Jersey Cow is available with Cub. Tractor Junction offers this Jersey Cow at a reasonable price, which is 30000.

Which cow gives more milk in Odisha?

Red Sindhi cow Now this cow is also found in Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Odisha. This cow is known for its high milk production in the country.

How do you formulate a project report for 20 dairy cow units?

Cost of equipments like milk cans, pails, buckets, chains, balance, etc. Rs….

  1. Milch cows in days- 16 * 365 = 5820 days.
  2. Dry cows in days- 4* 365= 1460 days.
  3. Milk yield/cow/day= 10 Kg.
  4. Total milk yield= 58400 Kg.
  5. Selling price of milk= Rs. 30/Kg.

What is the future of the Orissa dairy market?

Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the Orissa dairy market to grow at a CAGR of 14% during 2021-2026. The study gives provides a detailed evaluation of the dairy market landscape in Orissa, covering the current, historical and future trends for milk production, milk production by cattle, milk procurement prices, etc.

What is the main source of milk in Orissa?

The milk production in Orissa mainly consists of cow and buffalo milk. The report’s analysis concludes that cow milk dominates the total milk production, accounting for majority of the total production. Based on the product type, this report has categorized the Orissa dairy market into 18 major product segments:

What is the project report for a dairy farm with crossbreds?

Project report for a dairy farm with six indigenous dairy breed/ crossbred/cows This project report is based on the following assumption: 1. Freshly calved crossbred Jersey/ indigenous dairy breed cows in 1st or 2nd lactation will be purchased in two batches of two animals each at an interval of 5 to 6 months.