Is Ender Wiggin a hero?

Is Ender Wiggin a hero?

Ender Wiggin is a hero. He should be allowed to return to Planet Earth. After all, he saved the entire human race. Although he hurt some people along the way, Ender doesn’t want to command or kill.

What is ironic about Colonel Graff taking Ender’s hand?

What is ironic about Colonel Graff taking Ender’s hand? The act of holding someone’s hand means the person loves and will protect the one he is holding hands with. Graff does not love Ender, and he has no intention of protecting him. He is jealous that he was never accepted into battle school and Ender was.

Why does Graff tells Ender not to talk to him?

Graff tells Ender not to talk to him. Why? The other boys will think Ender is “licking up.” This will cause resentment toward Ender. The military wants Ender to be isolated without friends or parents.

Why was Ender’s monitor removed?

He is having his monitor removed. This device had allowed the authorities to view the world as he did, and from Ender’s thoughts we learn that the monitor has made him an outcast. He is teased about being a “Third”, and Ender thinks that it is the government’s fault that he is a Third, since they authorized his birth.

What is Ender’s vow at the end of Chapter 10?

Ender’s vow at the end of the chapter is to never let the teachers hurt him deep enough to cry ever again. Bean see’s Ender as human and recognizes him for his genius and honors him. 10. Ender tells Bean the real purpose of the game.

Why does Ender hate fighting?

He does not want to fight, and he is sick of games. They talk for a long time, and Valentine learns why Ender is tired of fighting. He learns his enemies so well that he almost loves them, and then he destroys them. Ender does not want to destroy.

How is Ender intelligent?

Expert Answers There is no doubt that Ender is an extremely intelligent character. His intelligence and emotional stability is what got him to Battle School in the first place. What is great about Ender is that he is not only book smart, but he is also incredibly street smart.

Who becomes Enders first friend?

Because Shen wiggles his butt when he walks, he becomes Ender’s first friend at Battle School. That is, Bernard makes fun of Shen and Ender gets back at Bernard – so that makes Shen and Ender BFFs.

What does Stilson do with the word third?

What does Stilson do with the word THIRD? Stilson starts teasing Ender because Ender was accidently born and it is illegal to have more that 2 children. Stilson says ender is no one and no one needs him.