Is gosens Dutch?

Is gosens Dutch?

Gosens was born in Germany to a German mother and a Dutch father, and holds both Dutch and German passports.

How tall is gosens?

6′ 0″Robin Gosens / Height

How old is gosens?

Gosens has signed a 4-1/2 year contract in Milan and moves on loan with an obligation to buy. The 27-year-old becomes the Serie A leaders’ first signing of the January transfer window and will compete with Ivan Perisic for the left wing-back spot in Simone Inzaghi’s side.

What position is gosens?

DefenderRobin Gosens / PositionIn the sport of association football, a defender is an outfield player whose primary roles are to stop attacks during the game and prevent the opposing team from scoring goals.
Centre backs are usually in pairs, with two full-backs to their left and right, but can come in threes with no full backs. Wikipedia

What club does gosens play?

Inter Milan#18 / Defender
Germany national football team#20 / Defender
Robin Gosens/Current teams

Is gosens injured?

Gosens has been out with an injury since his last few matches for Atalanta before signing for the Nerazzurri, but has been completing his recovery and now the end of the process looks to be in sight.

Who does Robin gosens play for?

Is gosens left footed?

Gosens is left-footed and has a powerful shot and accurate cross.

Why is Gosens not playing?

Impact Gosens has not played in five months due to two consecutive thigh strains. He has completed his rehab, but the coach suggested that they will be very careful for him.

How long is gosens injured for?

#18 Robin Gosens

Season Injury Days
21/22 Hamstring Injury 92 days
21/22 Hamstring Injury 60 days
21/22 Foot Injury 4 days
20/21 Muscular problems 14 days

Is Gosens still injured?

Will not return against Spezia Gosens is improving after his major thigh injury, but he has practiced on the side in recent days and will likely be back in early December, Tuttomercatoweb reports.

Why gosens is not playing?

Robin Gosens will apparently not play another international match for the German national team this year. As the Italian media unanimously report, the flank player tore a tendon in his thigh in the encounter with Young Boys Bern (1-0). The downtime can accordingly extend to two months.