Is Hi-C juice discontinued?

Is Hi-C juice discontinued?

McDonald’s discontinued Hi-C Orange Lavaburst –also referred to as the “orange drink” in 2017, saying it would replace it with the Sprite TropicBerry. The decision saddened loyal customers and McDonald’s workers.

Can you still buy Hi-C?

Hi-C is currently sold in drink boxes, soda fountains, and drink mix form. There are other flavors at Coca-Cola Freestyle.

When did Hi-C stop coming in cans?

The iconic drink, which has been around since 1955, was discontinued in 2017.

Did Hi-C come in a can?

Hi-C came in a giant tin can. You would use an old school can opener to make two triangle shaped holes in the top, “One to pour and one to vent,” Mom explained to me. Hi-C originated way back in 1946, by the Minute Maid division of Coca-Cola – the sole, original flavor was Orange.

What happened Hi-C?

The drink’s popularity has waned somewhat since then, but for decades and up until recently, McDonalds sold Hi-C Orange Lavaburst (via Business Insider). However, in 2017, McDonald’s began phasing out the classic drink in favor of a new Sprite variation, much to the ire of the drink’s devoted fans (via Grub Street).

Is Hi-C juice good for you?

A: There are definitely some popular drinks you should avoid giving to your kids. They are low in nutrients and are loaded with sugar. Here are a few of them: Hi-C®: This longtime favorite is low in fruit juice ─ just 10% ─ but is high in added sugar.

Is Hi-C real juice?

Each Hi-C drink box contains a full days supply of Vitamin C, is made with real fruit juice, and has the great taste your kids love. Enjoy flavor fun with a delicious orange burst that teases your taste buds.

Is orange Lavaburst back at McDonalds?

The beloved drink that fans have been pining after for four long years has finally made its comeback to McDonald’s restaurants across the country. As announced in February, the Hi-C Orange Lavaburst will again be available from the chain’s soda fountains starting Memorial Day.

Is Hi-C healthy?

Does Hi-C actually have Vitamin C in it?

Pasteurized. Did you know – that each Hi-C drink box – contains a full day’s supply of vitamin C and is made with real fruit juice and has the great taste your kids love. Naturally and artificially flavored fruit drink.

Is Hi-C drink good for you?

How much real orange juice is in Hi-C?

And every 6-ounce glassful has 10% real orange juice and a full day’s supply of Vitamin C (100% US. RDA). Hi-C Orange Drink. You know how good it is. Pick several cans the next time you shop! Free Magic Tricks from Bill Cosby! “First, buy lots of cans of Hi-C, fruit drinks with my picture on the label.

What is Hihi-C drink?

Hi-C is a fruit juice -flavored drink made by the Minute Maid division of The Coca-Cola Company. It was created by Niles Foster in 1946 and released in 1947. The sole original flavor was orange. Niles Foster, a former bakery and bottling plant owner, created Hi-C in 1946.

Does Hi C orange drink need to be refrigerated?

Hot-packed in enamel-lined 56-ounce cans, the product needed no refrigeration before opening. After test marketing in 1947, Hi-C orange drink was introduced in 1948 with a massive promotional effort, spending thousands of dollars weekly per market on promotions.

How did Hi-C fruit drinks get their flavors?

New flavors of Hi-C fruit drinks were developed as an outgrowth of the contract packer system. Grape, the second flavor introduced, evolved naturally from the fact that the Geneva, Ohio, co-packer was also processing fresh grapes.