Is Igloo a Texas company?

Is Igloo a Texas company?

Igloo Products Corp. Igloo Products Corp. is an American manufacturer of ice chests, drink containers, and supporting accessories. It is headquartered in Katy, Waller County, Texas, United States.

Are Igloo Products Made in China?

Igloo (along with Coleman) isn’t really known as a premium cooler brand. It is more well known for making affordable coolers that you would expect are made overseas. But they actually manufacture all their coolers in the USA, and have since 1947.

Are Igloo Products Made in the USA?

Igloo coolers manufactures in the United States since 1947. Here is a selection of coolers and ice chests proudly made at our factory in Katy, Texas.

Who bought out Igloo?

Dometic Group AB
The publicly traded Swedish outdoor company Dometic Group AB on Friday announced it has agreed to acquire Igloo Products Corp. from private equity firm ACON Investments for $677 million.

Where is igloo headquarters?

Katy, TXIgloo Products Corp. / Headquarters

Who makes igloo and what are they called?

An igloo is a type of hut built from snow, mainly by Inuits. An igloo has a domed shape and is made of compacted bricks of snow. Igloos, which are entirely built of snow blocks, have mostly been constructed by the Inuit tribes that live in parts of Canada and Greenland.

Where are blue coolers manufactured?

Most Blue coolers are manufactured in China.

Where are RTIC products made?

Like other major competitors, RTIC products are made in China in order to provide the best quality at the lowest price to you, the consumer.

What company makes Igloo coolers?

A Katy-based manufacturer of coolers and ice chests will be acquired by Dometic, a Swedish branding and design company, for $677 million. A Swedish company will buy the Katy cooler manufacture Igloo Products for $677 million as it seeks to tap into the growing market for outdoor recreation and sports.

Are Igloo coolers dishwasher safe?

Igloo DOES NOT recommend putting coolers or cooler bags in the dishwasher or washing machine. Water may be forced between the body and liner, causing deterioration and potentially diminishing the cooler’s performance.

How much is igloo worth?

With revenues just over $200 million annually, Igloo reports that approximately three in every four U.S. households owns an Igloo cooler.