Is James Scott still married?

Is James Scott still married?

Scott’s Love Life Alas, Scott and Robinson began dating in 2011 before happily marrying in 2015. Although most of their relationship remains in private, they have been known to publicly attend popular events together.

Why did James Scott leave Days of Our Lives?

Scott originated the role of Ethan Cambias in August 2004 and played it until February 2006. He then moved on to Days of Our Lives where he took on the role of EJ DiMera in May 2006. On 2 May 2014 it was announced that Scott would be leaving Days of Our Lives to pursue other endeavours.

How old is James Scott?

43 years (January 14, 1979)James Scott / Age

When did James Scott leave Days of Our Lives?

“I certainly knew and have known for several years that I needed a break, and I knew when I resigned my contract in May of last year, 2013, that it would be my last year,” he says.

What is the actor James Scott doing now?

Many fans might not know that Scott — who played DAYS’ E.J. from 2006 to 2014 and All My Children’s Ethan Cambias from 2004 to 2006 — has actually retired from acting and is instead running a business called The Whisper Within, which helps people find their own inner compass and trust and act from that place.

How tall is James Scott?

6′ 4″James Scott / Height

Is EJ coming back to Days of Our Lives 2021?

In 2018, Sami finally found EJ alive, although his face was bandaged and he was in bad shape. She took him to Rome for treatment and saved his life. In 2021, Sami and EJ (now played by Dan Feuerriegel) returned to Salem.

What is James Scott doing now?

Is EJ coming back to Days of our Lives 2021?

Is EJ coming back to Days of our Lives 2020?

EJ DiMera is returning to Salem. Former Spartacus: Blood and Sand star Dan Feuerriegel has been cast as the new EJ, last played by James Scott in 2014. Feurriegel’s casting has been rumored and is now confirmed.

Is James Scott still alive?

He is best known for having become a contender in the World Boxing Association’s light heavyweight division while incarcerated at Rahway State Prison in Avenel, New Jersey….James Scott (boxer)

James Scott
Nationality American
Born James Onque Scott Jr. March 14, 1947 Newark, New Jersey, U.S.
Died May 8, 2018 (aged 71)