Is modern technology making us less sociable ielts?

Is modern technology making us less sociable ielts?

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample. According to some people technological innovations have made people more sociable; however, others disagree with that view. In my opinion modern technology is making people more sociable but at the same time it hinders the face to face interaction among people.

Why do schools with rich students have greater access to the Internet?

Answer. Explanation: Because of the greater budget they have they can access to greater internet connection.

How does technology increase the gap between rich and poor?

Some believe that modern technology is increasing the gap between rich and poor people, while others disagree. There are several reasons why one could think that the wealth inequality is, indeed, increasing. The most common reason is the automation. Driven by technology, automation reduces the need for manual labour.

What is Digital Divide and why is it important?

The digital divide has contributed to differences in development levels among states. The access to information in the developed world is much better as compared to the case in the underdeveloped world. This parity has created an economic divide globally since information is critical in facilitating productivity.

Who is most affected by digital divide?

Inequality in access to the Internet and ICT is known as the digital divide.

  • As we saw at the beginning, the digital divide negatively affects women more than men, which violates the principles of gender equality.
  • The UN includes the reduction of the digital divide (SDG 9) in its Sustainable Development Goals.

Does technology create a divide between the more and less fortunate?

Even as technology becomes more affordable and internet access seems increasingly ubiquitous, a “digital divide” between rich and poor remains. The rich and educated are still more likely than others to have good access to digital resources according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

How does digital divide affect people’s lives?

The global digital divide also contributes to the inequality of access to goods and services available through technology. Computers and the Internet provide users with improved education, which can lead to higher wages; the people living in nations with limited access are therefore disadvantaged.