Is Peters Township a good school district?

Is Peters Township a good school district?

For 2019, the District ranked #1 in the State in Keystone Exams scores*, percent proficient/advanced all grades/all subjects combined. The District also ranked third in the State for PSSA exams, percent proficient/advanced all grades/all subjects combined.

Where is the new Peters Township High School?

The Peters Township High School is located at 121 Rolling Hills Drive. The new school was opened in January 2021.

How many students go to Peters Township High School?

1,311Peters Township High School / Number of students (2021–2022)

What school district is Peters Township Pa?

Peters Township School District is a large, suburban, public school district located in Peters Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania and encompasses an area of 19.5 square miles (51 km2)….

Peters Township School District
Students and staff
District mascot Indian
Colors Red and white
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How many students are in Peters Township School District?

Each day, we welcome more than 4,000 students to School in Peters Township. Success in our school is measured not only by our stringent academic standards, but by our character as well.

Is Peters Township in Allegheny County?

Pop. 2018 (est.) Peters Township is a township in Washington County, Pennsylvania, United States.

Who won the Peters Township football game?

11 seed Peters Township to a win over No. 6 North Hills, 33-28, Friday night in the WPIAL Class 5A playoffs.

Is Upper St Clair a good school district?

USCHS named a 2021 Best High School Ranked 19th in Pennsylvania, Upper St. Clair is the fourth highest-ranking high school in Allegheny County. Nationally, Upper St. Clair ranks 683rd out of nearly 18,000 public high schools in the nation.

What school district is Venetia PA in?

The major school district for Venetia, PA is Peters Township School District.

What are they doing with the old Peters Township High School?

The former Peters Township High School is being converted to the district’s new middle school.

Did Penn Hills win last night?

38-6 (W) Penn Hills vs. On 11/5, the Penn Hills varsity football team won their neutral playoff game against Franklin Regional (Murrysville, PA) by a score of 38-6.

Why Saint Peter High School?

At Saint Peter High School, our vision includes academic content mastery along with the 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. We are proud to offer a rigorous comprehensive curriculum with widely varied opportunities for students.

What is St Peter’s Catholic Church?

St. Peter Catholic Church is a Roman Catholic Church in the Northside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania within the Diocese of Pittsburgh.