Is Rigolote masculine or feminine?

Is Rigolote masculine or feminine?

Rigolo is an adjective and means: funny, amusing and is a noun for a funny person. The feminine form is “rigolote”.

What is Rigolo?

rigolo (feminine singular rigolote, masculine plural rigolos, feminine plural rigolotes) (colloquial) funny (amusing; comical)

How do you use Plutot in French?

Plutôt in one word is an adverb that can mean rather, more precisely or preferably:

  1. Cette question d’orthographe est plutôt courante. (This spelling issue is rather common.)
  2. C’est plutôt par gentillesse que par faiblesse qu’elle a réagi ainsi.
  3. Il relit ses mails avec attention et plutôt deux fois qu’une.

What is the feminine of Fou in French?

Noun. fou m (plural fous, feminine folle)

How do you use Rigolo?

How to use it. The very classic way to say “It’s funny” in French would be “C’est drôle“, but “C’est marrant” and “C’est rigolo” are totally fine too, even if they are a bit more informal.

How do you use Plutot in a sentence?

If you do not do something, but do something else instead, you do the second thing and not the first thing. He didn’t go out with his friends. He went to the movies instead.

How do you use Vieux?


  1. When placed before a singular noun beginning with a vowel or mute h, vieux becomes vieil: vieil homme /vjɛ.
  2. In the singular before et (“and”), vieux is normally used, which is perhaps the only case where liaison may occur (optionally) with singular vieux: un vieux et grand bateau.

Is Bel masculine or feminine?

‘beautiful’ Masculine
(before consonant) (before vowel/mute h)
Singular beau bel
Plural beaux

What is the feminine form of Vieux?


‘old’ Masculine Feminine
(before consonant)
Singular vieux vieille
Plural vieux vieilles