Is the Walther PPQ Q5 match discontinued?

Is the Walther PPQ Q5 match discontinued?

It was discontinued in 2011. During that time Walther outgrew its existing facilities in Ulm and ultimately relocated to a brand-new facility that was ready for use in 2006.

Is the Walther PPQ discontinued?

In 2021, Walther announced that they would be discontinuing the PPQ in favor of the new Walther PDP, or Performance Duty Pistol.

Is a Walther PPQ a good handgun?

Aesthetics. The Walther PPQ is a fairly good looking firearm. One thing I will say is the slick finish on the slide and the texturing on the majority of the frame make the gun look a little bit cheaper. This is a gun that comes in around $550.

What is a Walther PPQ Q5?

This 9mm Luger pistol is ported and optic ready with a 15+1 round capacity. The 5-inch barrel with polygonal rifling and stepped chamber provides durability, while the interchangeable backstraps allow you to tune your grip, giving you a perfect, straight-back trigger pull. Features and Benefits.

Is Walther PPQ good for concealed carry?

Walther PPQ M2 4-Inch 9mm DEALS This is one of the smoothest, short and soft triggers on any of the concealed carry guns I have reviewed. I would trust my life to this excellent handgun and it does certainly rank in my top 5 concealed carry compact 9mm handguns.

What kind of gun is a Walther PPQ?

The PPQ is the handgun that has the entire industry talking. The quick-defense trigger is known as the best striker-fired trigger by nearly every critic. The ergonomically designed grips fit the hand like a familiar pair of gloves, providing a uniquely accurate natural point of aim.

What does Walther PPQ stand for?

Police Pistol Quick Defense
Since Walther released the PPQ (Police Pistol Quick Defense) in January 2011, the defensive handgun world and online gun forums have been buzzing about the polymer striker-fired pistol.

Which is better Walther or Glock?

Both the Glock 19 and the Walther PPQ are 9mm polymer-frame striker-fired handguns. They’ve been well-accepted on the US market….Size.

Metrics Glock 19 Walther PPQ
Length (Inches) 6.99 7.09
Width of grip (Inches) 1.18 1.27
Width of slide (Inches) 1.00 1.01
Width across controls (Inches) 1.33 1.34

Is a Walther PPQ better than a Glock?

They are both quality handguns, but their makers have taken two very different approaches to the designs. While Glock is a master of simplicity and reliability, Walther has gone for a more elaborate design. In the end, both are fine choices to consider.

What is the difference between a Walther PPQ M1 and M2?

The differences is small notches on the front of the magazine body. The M1 models are meant to catch using 1 notch on the paddle release and the M2 models have 2 notches on either side of the magazine meant to catch the button whether it be installed on the left or right side of the PPQ frame.

Is Walther PPQ Q5 match review?

Conclusions. The Q5 Match is a formidable production competition gun right out of the box, with its ported-for-reduced-weight slide, long sight radius, and fully adjustable iron sights. Even better with the multi-red-dot-optic options. With the right backstrap, the Q5 should fit just about anyone’s hand like a glove.