Is there a macro app for Android?

Is there a macro app for Android?

Latest version MacroDroid is an application that lets you set up thousands of different macros on your Android device. These macros are basically triggers that activate actions on your device whenever a series of conditions are met.

How much does my macros+ cost?

Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hrs prior to the end of the current period. $1.99/mo or $19.99/year for MM+ Pro and/or $9.99/mo for Auto Adjusting Macros.

How do I cancel my macros+ subscription?

If you have made your subscription through our website then to cancel your membership please log in online on a desktop/laptop computer and then tap the Settings link at the top of the page. Then at the bottom of the “Edit Profile” page you will see the link to cancel your subscription.

How do I set up auto click on Android?

Step 2: Turn on auto click (dwell timing)

  1. Open your device’s Settings app .
  2. Tap Accessibility, then tap Auto click (dwell timing). On some devices, this setting is called Click after pointer stops moving.
  3. Select your preferred amount of time between when you stop moving the mouse and when the automatic click happens:

Does my macros track exercise?

Add one of our over 4,000,000 food items to your day in as little as 3 taps, and once you do you can view your nutritional breakdown by food item, meals and daily totals. Track your workouts and get on your way to your weight loss and fitness goals.

How do I do my macros?

How to calculate macronutrients

  1. First, you need to know how many calories you eat (or want to eat) each day. I eat roughly 2,300 calories per day.
  2. Next, determine your ideal ratio.
  3. Then, multiply your total daily calories by your percentages.
  4. Finally, divide your calorie amounts by its calorie-per-gram number.

How do I view my macros?

Track Your Macros and Calorie Intake The term “tracking macros” simply means logging the foods you eat on a website, app or food journal. The most convenient way to track macros may be through an app like MyFitnessPal, Lose It! or My Macros +.

Is my macros better than MyFitnessPal?

MyMacros+ has better options for customizing portions, but MyFitnessPal has preset portion sizes to choose from. However, you can simply input those preset portions from MyFitnessPal on MyMacros+. Another bonus is that MyMacros+ will give you a breakdown of each individual meal rather than the day’s total.

How do I delete my macros account?

If you have registered an account, you can delete your account at any time by containing us, write us from the email that you have used to register in the app requesting your account deletion. Note that once you delete your account, you will not be able to recover your data.

Is my macros app free?

MyMacros+ is a food diary app that is available on iOS and Android. It costs $2.99 to download with no monthly subscription fee to use the basic version. It allows you to set your daily calorie and macros goals and document your weight as you go.

How to get my macros?

A three-egg cheese omelette for breakfast (25g)

  • A tuna Nicoise salad for lunch (30g)
  • A turkey chilli for dinner (20g)
  • A shake post-workout (30g).
  • How to start your macros?


  • Proteins
  • Fats. When trying to reach specific macronutrient goals,focus on foods rich in the macronutrients you need to consume the most.
  • What is the best free macro app?

    No matter your diet goals,your macronutrients—fat,carbohydrates and protein—come into play.

  • Macro trackers can make it easier to keep tabs on your macros as you eat and drink throughout the day.
  • With hundreds of apps out there for counting macros,how do you pick the best one?
  • How to set up macros on MyFitnessPal?

    My Home -> Goals -> Change Goals

  • Select Custom and hit continue
  • Set the Macros for keto. AKA Carbs to 5%,Protein to 30% and Fat to 65%
  • Set the total calories relative to your total burn. Their estimate is decent but you can see below that it lists my BMR at 2620 and I have set my