Should 30 minute be hyphenated?

Should 30 minute be hyphenated?

Refrain from hyphenating the number of minutes if they’re not modifying the noun. For example, you wouldn’t hyphenate “Lisa’s jog lasted 30 minutes” because in this case, “30 minutes” isn’t an adjective.

Is unrepresented a word?

If you are unrepresented in something such as a legislature, law court, or meeting, there is nobody there speaking or acting for you, for example to give your opinions or instructions. groups who feel they’ve been officially unrecognized or unrepresented in international councils.

Should one month be hyphenated?

A handy rule, whether writing about years, months, or any other period of time, is to use hyphens unless the period of time (years, months, weeks, days) is written in plural form: With hyphens: We have a two-year-old child.

When should you hyphenate two words?

Generally, you need the hyphen only if the two words are functioning together as an adjective before the noun they’re describing. If the noun comes first, leave the hyphen out. This wall is load bearing. It’s impossible to eat this cake because it is rock hard.

Where do you break words with hyphens?

  • Hyphens are used to divide words at the end of a line when the word cannot fit on the remainder of the line.
  • Divide the word between syllables.
  • The hyphen goes at the end of the first line.
  • Prefixes and suffixes make natural divisions.

What is considered an underrepresented group?

An underrepresented group describes a subset of a population that holds a smaller percentage within a significant subgroup than the subset holds in the general population. Specific characteristics of an underrepresented group vary depending on the subgroup being considered.

Who counts as URM?

At UCSF our working definition of an underrepresented minority (URM) is someone whose racial or ethnic makeup is from one of the following:

  • African American / Black.
  • Asian: Filipino, Hmong*, or Vietnamese only.
  • Hispanic / Latinx.
  • Native American / Alaskan Native.
  • Native Hawaiian / Other Pacific Islander.

What does URM mean?

first generation

What’s another word for underrepresented?

Underrepresented Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for underrepresented?

diminished lessened
cheapened underpriced

Is underrepresented a word?

Present in inadequate numbers or amounts; insufficiently represented. A minority group that was underrepresented in the government. Simple past tense and past participle of underrepresent.