Was Jerome Kern married?

Was Jerome Kern married?

Eva LealeJerome Kern / Spouse (m. 1910–1945)

When was Jerome Kern born?

January 27, 1885Jerome Kern / Date of birth

What did Jerome Kern do?

In 1927, Kern teamed with Oscar Hammerstein II and the two adapted Edna Ferber’s novel into one of the greatest of all American musicals: Show Boat. Show Boat pioneered the concept of the fully integrated musical, with all aspects of the show working together toward a single artistic unity.

Who was Jerome Kern’s wife?

Eva LealeJerome Kern / Wife (m. 1910–1945)

How old was Jerome Kern when he died?

60 years (1885–1945)Jerome Kern / Age at death

JEROME KERN DIES; NOTED COMPOSER, 60; Creator of Many Outstanding Stage and Screen Melodies, Including ‘Show Boat’ Music ‘OL’ MAN RIVER’ A FAVORITE Scored in Theatre With ‘Sally,’ ‘Roberta’ and ‘Sunny’–Early Training Limited in Scope Known Best for “Show Boat” A Modest Man Mother Taught Him Piano Story Behind “Show …

Who wrote the song Ol Man River?

Oscar Hammerstein IIOl’ Man River / Lyricist

What education did Jerome Kern receive?

Jerome Kern was an established composer of popular song who no doubt influenced young up-and-comers George Gershwin and Richard Rodgers. Born and educated in public schools in New York City, he received his Master of Music degree at Heidleberg University in Germany.

Who did the song Smoke gets in your eyes?

The PlattersSmoke Gets In Your Eyes / Artist

Who made Old Man River famous?

Paul Robeson
When composer Jerome Kern and lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II teamed up in the mid-1920s to write Show Boat, a groundbreaking musical about life along the Mississippi River, they created one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs of the 20th century — “Ol’ Man River.” This week marks the 75th anniversary of the most …

What is the meaning behind Ol Man River?

“Ol’ Man River” (music by Jerome Kern, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II) is a show tune from the 1927 musical Show Boat that contrasts the struggles and hardships of African Americans with the endless, uncaring flow of the Mississippi River.

Who was the first black female vocalist to record the blues?

Mamie Smith
Mamie Smith was the first black vocalist to record the blues. The song was “Crazy Blues,” and it became a hit.