What airport code is ILM?

What airport code is ILM?

ILMWilmington International Airport / Code

Is Wilmington NC A big airport?

The Wilmington International Airport (ILM), the fifth largest airport in North Carolina, is the perfect-sized airport that is huge on hospitality and convenience.

When was Wilmington airport built?

Opened in 1927, the Wilmington International Airport occupies an area of 1,800 acres (7.28 million square metres). It was used as an airfield for training and antisubmarine patrols by the United States Army Air Forces Third Air Force during the Second World War.

Where does ILM fly?

Wilmington International Airport (ILM) offers non-stop flights to Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, New York City, Newark, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Boston on a seasonal schedule; a $60 million airport expansion underway now through 2022 will see five additional gates, a restaurant, concessions …

How many gates does ILM airport have?

eight terminal gates
There are two runways and one airport terminal with eight terminal gates. The ILM airport also houses an FBO or a fixed-base operation (FBO). There is a ramp with 24-hour US Customs and Border Protection for serving all international flights that wish to make a stop at the ILM airport.

What is the closest major airport to Wilmington NC?

The nearest major airport is Wilmington International Airport (ILM / KILM). This airport has domestic flights and is 7 miles from the center of Wilmington, NC. Another major airport is Albert J. Ellis Airport (OAJ / KOAJ), which has domestic flights from Richlands, North Carolina and is 62 miles from Wilmington, NC.

What is the main airport in Delaware?

Wilmington Airport
Wilmington Airport (Delaware)

Wilmington Airport
Airport type Public
Owner New Castle County, Delaware

How many gates does ILM have?

What airlines fly out of Wilmington DE?

Book your trip now to/from ILM directly through our partners:

City Airport Code Airline
Atlanta ATL Delta Airlines
Boston BOS American Airlines
Charlotte CLT American Airlines
Chicago O’Hare ORD American Airlines

How many runways does York Township Airport have?

It depicted York Township Airport as having 2 perpendicular runways, 1,830′ Runway 4/22 & 1,690′ Runway 13/31. The 1970 USGS topo map still depicted Lombard Airport. Lombard Airport was eventually closed & built-over by apartments.

How many runways does ILM airport have?

ILM covers 1,800 acres (728 ha). During the calendar year 2018 ILM had a record high number of passengers with 470,255 enplanements and 463,803 deplanements, totaling 934,058 passengers. The airport has two runways and a single terminal which has eight gates. The airport is also home to a fixed-base operation (FBO).

What airport is KILM?

Source: Federal Aviation Administration Airport website. Wilmington International Airport (IATA: ILM, ICAO: KILM, FAA LID: ILM) is a public airport located just north of Wilmington, North Carolina, in unincorporated Wrightsboro, Cape Fear Township, New Hanover County. ILM covers 1,800 acres (728 ha).

How many deplanements are there at ILM?

During the calendar year 2017, there were 420,571 enplanements and 416,018 deplanements at ILM; totaling 836,589 passengers. The airport has two runways and a single terminal which has eight gates.