What are functions of OTCEI?

What are functions of OTCEI?

The Over-The-Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI) is an Indian electronic stock exchange composed of small- and mid-cap companies. The purpose of the OTCEI is for smaller companies to raise capital, which they cannot do at the national exchanges due to their inability to meet the exchange requirements.

What is OTCEI?

Over The Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI) can be defined as a stock exchange without a proper trading floor. All stock exchange have a specific place for trading their securities through counters.

What are the salient features of OTCEI?

The OTCEI continuously displays current prices on screen installed at each OTC Exchange counter to enable the investor take on the spot decisions for the pruchase or sale of securities. Authorised Dealers : All members and dealers are authorised and approved by the OTEI and their list is available to the public.

What is OTCEI and its advantages?

Advantages of OTCEI Provides method of raising funds through capital market instruments which are priced fairly. Saves unnecessary issue expenses on raising funds from capital markets. Offer documents of companies seeking listing on OTCEI will not be investigated by SEBI. Retains greater degree of management stability.

What is the difference between NSE and OTCEI?

Trading is done on Floor in conventional stock exchange, whereas in OTCEI, the trading is done through network or computer system.

What is OTCEI and NSE?

OTCEI is a computer based screen system exhibiting the quotations of the scrips of the companies of different industries of the nation. It has a national network and there is no geographical barrier for listing. Dealers and Investors can take decisions on the spot more quickly than on the regular stock exchanges.

How do I trade in OTCEI?

Trading on OTCEI It is fully computerized set-up where trading takes place through a network of computers at the member/dealer end which in turn are connected to a central computer at OTCEI, Mumbai. Initial Allotment: The tradable document on OTCEI is the Initial/Permanent Counter receipt.

Why was OTCEI established?

OTCEI was set up to access high-technology enterprising promoters in raising finance for new product development in a cost-effective manner and to provide a transparent and efficient trading system to investors.

How many stocks are listed on OTCEI?

Today, OTCEI has about 115 companies listed and it has successfully provided a platform for enterprises that have built successful brands for themselves such as VIP Advanta, Sonora tiles, etc.