What are the benefits of subscribing to SWTOR?

What are the benefits of subscribing to SWTOR?

SW:TOR Subscriber Rewards

  • Permanent access to all previous expansions and all content released up to and including your subscription period.
  • Full access to all aspects of the game for the duration of your subscription, with Preferred access afterward.
  • 500 Complimentary Cartel Coins per month while you are subscribed.

What is included in SWTOR subscription?

Benefits include:

  • All content available to free-to-play players.
  • Immediate access to all SWTOR expansions, including Legacy of the Sith, Onslaught, Knights of the Eternal Throne, and Knights of the Fallen Empire.
  • Level cap increased from 60 to 80.
  • Unlimited access to Warzones, Flashpoints, Uprisings, and Operations.

Do you get Cartel Coins for subscribing SWTOR?

If you are a Subscriber, you will receive your Cartel Coin Subscriber rewards as near as possible to every thirty days. Sometimes it may take a few extra days for the coins to appear in your account, but we will make every effort to grant them to you as close as we can to the 30-day mark in your recurring subscription.

What is max level in swtor?

Characters can be played up to level 60, but there are gameplay and grouping restrictions. Any combination of these restrictions can be lifted through purchases from the in-game Cartel Market, which would automatically upgrade the account to Preferred status.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Action Pack?

Microsoft Action Pack subscription benefits / pros: Access to very expensive products & services for just $475/year ; Five advisory hours with a Partner Technical Consultant; Up to 10 product support incidents; Access to curated resources to take your solution from idea to market; The opportunity to be listed in the Microsoft partner directory

How do I sign up for Microsoft Action Pack subscription?

Go to the Partner Membership Center. Sign in with your Microsoft Account (formerly Windows Live ID). On the black menu bar, hover your mouse over Orders & Benefits and then click Microsoft Action Pack Subscription. You will see two tabs; the first one shows current enrollment information.

What are the benefits of a SWTOR subscriber?

A SWTOR Subscriber receives significant benefits compared to a Free-to-Play (F2P) and/or Preferred Player. Things like maximum number of crew skills available, unlimited access to all gameplay features and story content, no limits on resources, freedom to earn and equip the top EndGame gear, quicker and more fluid leveling experience and more.

How much is a 3 month subscription to SWTOR?

This package is the BEST DEAL available for subscribing for anyone who plans on playing for 3 months or more, and is highly recommended. Normally subscribing for 3 months on SWTOR.com costs $41.97. On Amazon, this three-month package only costs $39.99, so you already save some money by purchasing the package.