What declension is Inimicus?

What declension is Inimicus?

Second-declension noun
Declension. Second-declension noun.

What declension is Morte?

Third-declension noun (i-stem)….Declension.

Case Singular Plural
Dative mortī mortibus
Accusative mortem mortēs mortīs
Ablative morte mortibus
Vocative mors mortēs

What does ad mortem Inimicus mean?

“When executing an unblockable attack, the Lawbringer may shout “Ad mortem inimicus!” in Latin, which translates to “Death to the enemy!”.

What declension is Navis?

Third-declension noun
Third-declension noun (i-stem, accusative singular in -em or -im, ablative singular in -e or -ī).

What declension is Civis?

third declension
You see this noun in the dictionary: “civis, civis (m)”. Is it an i-stem? Well, it’s a masculine noun of the third declension.

What is neuter in Latin?

Neuter gender. Along with masculine and feminine, Latin also has a neuter gender meaning “neither,” that is neither masculine nor feminine. Thus neuter gender is often applied to things which don’t have a natural gender, words like: “war” bellum, “iron” ferrum, or “danger” periculum. But it’s not as simple as that.

Why are trees feminine in Latin?

In the end, there’s no better explanation that words that are semantically related tend to fall on the same gender, but it’s otherwise a completely arbitrary assignment. It so happens that trees are generally feminine in Latin, fruits are generally neuter, and stone can be any of the three (rūpēs vs saxum vs lāpis).

What does Lawbringer say in Latin?

Quotes. Latin: “Ad mortem, inimīcus!” – English: “To death, (my) enemy!” Latin: “Nōlo superstites!” – English: “I refuse survivors!”

What does no Superstes mean?

He may also shout “No superstes!” in Latin, meaning “None standing!/No survivors!”.” Quoted from the For Honor wikia.

What declension is Carmen Carminis?


Case Singular Plural
Nominative carmen carmina
Genitive carminis carminum
Dative carminī carminibus
Accusative carmen carmina