What do the letters on a bearing mean?

What do the letters on a bearing mean?

The first digit or letter or combination of letters identifies the bearing type and eventually a basic variant. The following two digits identify the ISO dimension series. The first digit indicates the width or height series (dimensions B, T or H). The second digit identifies the diameter series (dimension D).

What is matched bearing?

Matched Pair bearings are Angular contact ball bearings that are suitable for applications that require high accuracy and high-speed performance. Bearings with a smaller contact angle are more suitable for high-speed rotation; those with a larger contact angle are more suitable for high load applications.

What does bearing code 22320k?

Description: Spherical roller bearing tapered bore.

What are the types of bearings?


Type Description
Rolling element bearing Ball or rollers are used to prevent or minimise rubbing
Jewel bearing Off-center bearing rolls in seating
Fluid bearing Fluid is forced between two faces and held in by edge seal
Magnetic bearing Faces of bearing are kept separate by magnets (electromagnets or eddy currents)

What does C mean on a bearing?

internal clearance
The C code of the bearing indicates how much internal clearance the bearing gets in the machine. Your choice is crucial to prevent your bearings from having too much internal clearance. The size of the internal bearing clearance largely determines the operational performance of the bearings.

What are duplex bearings?

Duplex bearings are a pair of angular contact RBC Thin Section Ball Bearings specially ground for use as a matched set. A duplexed pair can be used to provide accurate shaft location, to increase capacity or to increase stiffness of the bearing assembly.

What is W33 in bearing?

For example , 22222 CCK/W33 bearing, the suffix CC means stamping steel cage , K means tapers , W33 means the bearing outer ring has oil groove along with 3 oil holes.

What are the two main types of bearings?

Rolling element bearings can be subdivided into two major types: ball bearings and roller bearings.