What does a DaTscan diagnose?

What does a DaTscan diagnose?

In 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a brain imaging test called DaTscan to help diagnose Parkinson’s disease (PD). For some people, DaTscan can be a useful addition to the doctor’s examination in diagnosing Parkinson’s.

What does a normal DaTscan mean?

An abnormal scan suggests a diagnosis of nigrostriatal neurodegenerative parkinsonian syndrome (PD, multisystem atrophy, progressive supranuclear palsy, corticobasal degeneration, or Lewy body disease), whereas a normal scan suggests nondegenerative parkinsonism (drug-induced, vascular, or psychogenic), ET, or dystonic …

What is the prep for a DaTscan?

There is no specific prep for DaTSCAN, and there are only 3 simple instructions. You’ll need to drink plenty of fluids the day before and the day of your procedure.

Does a DaTscan confirm Parkinson’s?

In 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of a DaTscan. While a DaTscan cannot diagnose PD, doctors use them to confirm a diagnosis. A negative DaTscan result does not rule out a Parkinson’s diagnosis, but a positive result helps confirm it.

How reliable is a DaTscan?

Only in the study of patients with clinically uncertain parkinsonism, a high diagnostic accuracy of DAT SPECT imaging was observed with sensitivity and specificity rates of 98%.

Is DaTscan covered by Medicare?

While brain SPECT imaging using DaTscan is a covered service under Medicare policy, there is a lack of consensus on its role in routine clinical practice in the US.

Do I need to fast before a DaTscan?

DaTscan imaging is a 1-day test. It takes 5 to 6 hours. You can eat and drink before testing.

How accurate is a DaTscan?

How do I contact GE Healthcare about reimbursement for DaTSCAN?

GE Healthcare is pleased to offer toll-free customer support and documentation of reimbursement related to DaTscan. Please contact us at 800 767 6664 Find a DaTscan in your area using the GE Healthcare DaTscan facility locator.

Is there a support program for SPECT imaging with DaTSCAN?

This support program is available to GE Healthcare customers who use SPECT imaging with DaTscan. The program is HIPAA compliant and managed by Argenta Resources.

What is DaTSCAN™?

DaTSCAN™ is a specific type of single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) imaging technique used to detect the presence of dopamine transporters (DaT) in the brain. DaTSCAN™ is a solution for injection that contains the synthetic cocaine analogue5 substance ioflupane 123 (a neuro-imaging radioactive form of the chemical element Iodine).

How do I contact GE Healthcare for support with SPECT imaging?

GE Healthcare offers support for coverage and payment questions. GE Healthcare Prior Authorization and Appeals Support Program. GE Healthcare is pleased to offer prior authorization and appeal support related to use of SPECT imaging with DaTscan. Please contact Argenta Resources at: 844 225 1595 or [email protected]