What does Afonso I mean?

What does Afonso I mean?

Afonso-i definition ə-fōɴso͝o. King of Portugal (1139–1185) who won independence from León and Castile, fought Muslim forces, and proclaimed the first Portuguese kingdom (1139).

What is the king of the Kongo asking for from the King of Portugal?

He appointed his brother Dom Manuel as ambassador. He arrived in Portugal with his son and his retinue in 1540. Dom Manuel received subsidies from the King of Portugal for his living expenses. King Afonso had asked for a loan of five thousand cruzados for his ambassador in Rome.

What is king Afonso I known for?

Afonso is best known for his vigorous attempt to convert Kongo to a Catholic country, by establishing the Roman Catholic Church in Kongo, providing for its financing from tax revenues, and creating schools.

What concerns Is Afonso addressing to the King of Portugal?

In the excerpt below, Nzinga Mbemba (Afonso I), the king of the Kongo, writes to the Portuguese king to express his concern over the damaging effects of the slave trade.

What was the religion that Kongo would convert to?

Conversion to Christianity solidified these important trading relationships. The Kongolese nobility swiftly adopted Christianity for several reasons.

How did king Afonso become a Catholic?

In 1491 he and his father were baptized by Portuguese priests and assumed Christian names, Afonso I and João I, respectively.

What sorts of things does king Afonso desire from the Portuguese?

What sorts of things does King Afonso desire from the Portuguese? King Afonso desired wine, flour, the holy sacrament, the agents and officials to the men and merchants who need to set up shop, a few men to teach in their schools, surgeons and pharmacists, and physicians.

Why did King Afonso let the Portuguese enslave his subjects?

Affonso probably saw benefits in letting the Portuguese take certain lower-class sub- jects out of his country. He could enjoy profitable trade with Portugal, and he could rid himself of less desirable elements in his society.

What is Afonso VI known for?

Afonso VI (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈfõsu]; 21 August 1643 – 12 September 1683), known as “the Victorious” (o Vitorioso), was the second King of Portugal of the House of Braganza from 1656 until his death.

Who was King Afonso VI of Portugal?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Afonso VI ( Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈfõsu]; 21 August 1643 – 12 September 1683), known as ” the Victorious ” ( o Vitorioso ), was the second King of Portugal of the House of Braganza from 1656 until his death.

What happened to King Afonso of Spain after 1668?

In 1668, his brother Pedro conspired to have him declared incapable of ruling, and took supreme de facto power as regent, although nominally Afonso was still sovereign. Queen Marie Françoise, Afonso’s wife, received an annulment and subsequently married Pedro. Afonso spent the rest of his life and reign practically a prisoner.

How old was Infante Afonso when he became Prince?

After the death of his eldest brother Teodósio, Prince of Brazil in 1653, Afonso became the heir apparent to the throne of the kingdom. He received also the crown-princely title 2nd Prince of Brazil . Portrait of Infante Afonso; José de Avelar Rebelo, 1653. He succeeded his father ( João IV) in 1656 at the age of thirteen.