What does AJS stand for on a motorcycle?

What does AJS stand for on a motorcycle?

A.J. Stevens & Co.
THE HISTORY OF AJS MOTORCYCLES The name AJS stands for A.J. Stevens & Co., the firm’s full official name. But that’s an awful lot to fit on the side of a motorcycle tank, so they made do with the initials.

Is AJ’s British?

AJS Motorcycles is a famous British brand with more than a century of racing and manufacturing history behind it, today dealing exclusively in imported Chinese bikes.

Who builds AJS Motorcycles?

A.J.S was acquired by Matchless Motorcycles in 1931 and produced famous models such as 16MS, 18MS, Model 20,30,31, CSRs and the “Boy Racer” 7R. In 1966 A.J.S was absorbed into the Norton Villiers group.

Are AJS and Matchless the same?

Matchless Motorcycles and AJS Motorcycles were, for most of their history, essentially rebadged versions of the same machines. Collectively owned by Associated Motor Cycles (AMC), the two brands were operated like Ford & Mercury, or Dodge & Plymouth, in an early version of “badge engineering”.

Who bought AJS?

It was acquired by Bashas’ in 1993. Under Bashas’ ownership, AJ’s has positioned itself as an upscale gourmet and specialty grocery chain with each store located in affluent neighborhoods.

What is the most popular motorcycle in China?

Some of the most popular Chinese motorcycle brands today are: Zongshen: This Chinese motorcycle brand is one of China’s biggest manufacturing companies, established in 1992….Other popular Chinese Motorcycle brands include:

  • Chang Jiang.
  • Lexmoto.
  • FB Mondial.
  • CFMoto.
  • Zontes.
  • Voge.
  • AJS.
  • Baotian.

When did the AJS Model 18 500cc motorcycle come out?

In 1935. The AJS 500cc Model 18 and AJS Model 18S are 500 cc British motorcycles almost identical to the Matchless G80 and both were produced in the same Associated Motor Cycles (AMC) London factory from 1945 to 1966. These bikes represent the end of the era of big British singles, as when AMC merged with Norton production concentrated on twins.

Is this AJS 500 a good bike to ride?

This modest-looking late AJS 500 twin from 1959 ticks almost all the boxes for a really satisfying ride. This is one of the most difficult tests I have ever had to produce – because I could find so very little wrong with the motorcycle! Okay, the brakes could have been bigger – but they worked perfectly well.

What was the top speed of the Mercedes Benz AJS 500?

With 55 horsepower at 7,200rpm (with the compressor running at 16.5psi boost pressure) and a dry weight figure of 183 kilos, the supercharged AJS 500 could hit a top speed of up to 216km/h, which must have been pretty scary if you take into account the feeble drum brakes and the not-so-evolved tyre technology of that era.

What kind of engine does an AJS 500 V4 have?

Forks: girder pattern with rebound springs. By 1930s Brit-bike standards, the AJS 500 V4 was pretty fancy. The bike was fitted with a liquid-cooled, SOHC, 8-valve, 495cc V4, with a chain-driven Zoller supercharger.