What does slang dope mean?

What does slang dope mean?

can be a fool

Is kind opposite of cruel?

“They reached the top of the mountain quickly given the easy conditions and climate.”…What is the opposite of cruel?

merciful compassionate
benevolent kind
gentle kindhearted
tolerant altruistic
beneficent considerate

What is another name for cruel?

What is another word for cruel?

brutal savage
vicious ferocious
fierce wicked
evil fiendish
devilish diabolical

Is chemise in English word?

noun. a woman’s loose-fitting, shirtlike undergarment.

What does it mean if someone calls you savage?

Describing an animal as savage means that it is true to its wild, ferocious nature, but if you describe a person or the actions of a person as savage, it means “cruel” or “brutal.” A place can also be described as savage if it’s untamed, uninhabitable, and unwelcoming.

What year did the movie dope come out?

24 January 2015

What can I say instead of savage?


  • barbaric.
  • brutal.
  • crude.
  • ferocious.
  • fierce.
  • harsh.
  • turbulent.
  • vicious.

What is the meaning of cruel man?

The definition of cruel is someone or something that deliberately causes pain or suffering. Deliberately seeking to inflict pain and suffering; enjoying others’ suffering; without mercy or pity.

What is the meaning of dupe?

one that is easily deceived or cheated

What does camisole mean?

short negligee jacket for women

What does God’s dope mean?

When Sharod Simpson told a friend in the fashion industry he planned to start an apparel line called God Is Dope, he didn’t get much support. The concept is simple: to generate faith-based awareness through fashion, entertainment and influence.

What is the movie dope about?

High-school senior Malcolm (Shameik Moore) and his friends Jib (Tony Revolori) and Diggy (Kiersey Clemons) bond over ’90s hip-hop culture, their studies and playing music in their own punk band. A chance encounter with a drug dealer named Dom lands Malcolm and company at the dealer’s nightclub birthday party; when the scene turns violent, they flee — with the Ecstasy that Dom secretly hid in Malcolm’s backpack. A wild adventure ensues as the youths try to evade armed thugs who want the stash.

What is the meaning of chemise?

woman’s one-piece undergarment

What is genuine product?

Genuine can mean. not fake or counterfeit; original; real; authentic. Original can mean. [USUALLY BEFORE NOUN] not copied from something else. In that sense, both words are often used to describe a product that is authentic and comes from the entity that created the item in the first instance.

What is a slay girl?

Slay can mean “to kill a person or animal,” “to make someone laugh,” “to have sex with someone,” or “to do something spectacularly well,” especially when it comes to fashion, artistic performance, or self-confidence.

What is the cruel opposite word?

Opposite word of cruel. Opposite Word of cruel: “charitable, compassionate, considerate, feeling, gentle, kind, merciful, sympathetic, thoughtful, uncruel”

What does dope stand for?


Acronym Definition
DOPE Drug Overdose Prevention and Education (various organizations)
DOPE Department of Public Enterprise
DOPE Data on Previous Engagement (military sniper term)
DOPE Data on Personal Equipment (sniper rifle data logging)

What is the opposite of found?

Antonyms: straying, stray, squandered, lost, missing, gone(p), mislaid, wasted, misplaced. establish, set up, found, launch(verb)

Did Malcolm get into Harvard?

Synopsis. In the series finale, Malcolm has been accepted into Harvard and is getting prepared for his graduation of North High School.

What is Savage Love Meaning?

Savage Love is a syndicated sex-advice column by Dan Savage. The column appears weekly in several dozen newspapers, mainly free newspapers in the US and Canada, but also newspapers in Europe and Asia. It started in 1991 with the first issue of the Seattle weekly newspaper The Stranger.