What does the Golden Horn symbolize in Beowulf?

What does the Golden Horn symbolize in Beowulf?

In thanks for freeing his kingdom from the monster, Hrothgar gives Beowulf his golden drinking horn, which commemorates Hrothgar’s victory over the mighty dragon Fafnir. In his cave, Grendel’s mother swears revenge over his corpse.

Why is it significant that Beowulf can wield the sword?

25. Lines 513–523: What is the significance of Beowulf’s ability to wield the sword? The significanceof Beowulf being able to get this sword is that he is the hero of the story. It was supposed to show howstrong and worthy Beowulf is.

Did Beowulf die at the end?

The great king collapses, but Wiglaf manages to bring Beowulf some of the dragon’s treasure to comfort him before he passes away. Overall, Beowulf dies from the dragon’s venomous bite during his final battle.

What is Beowulf’s final command?

After the battle, Beowulf names Wiglaf his heir and gives him two commands knowing Beowulf is on his deathbed: 1) claim the dragon’s treasure as payment for winning the battle and give it to his people 2) build a grand tower so that all who see it will forever remember Beowulf (the fame thing again).

What happens to wiglaf at the end of Beowulf?

Wiglaf does not retreat, though his shield is consumed by fire. When Beowulf wounds the dragon a second time, striking so hard his sword shatters, Wiglaf strikes at the open wound with his own sword, tearing at the dragon’s throat so it can no longer breathe fire.

What does Beowulf do with Hrunting?

Beowulf wields Hrunting, the sword lent to him by Unferth, and lashes at Grendel’s mother’s head, but even the celebrated blade of Hrunting is unable to pierce the monster’s skin. Beowulf tries to fight the sea-witch using only his bare hands, but she matches him blow for blow.

What was Beowulf’s reward for defeating Grendel’s mother?

Through his actions in vanquishing the beasts Beowulf has created a bond between the two kingdoms like never before. Finally, King Hygelac bestows upon Beowulf the ultimate reward for his efforts. He is given land, a hall and a throne, and various luxuries for successfully defeating Grendel and his mother.

What does Beowulf do when he sees Grendel’s body in the lair?

Who forged the tremendous sword that is in Grendel’s mother’s lair? What does Beowulf do when he sees Grendel’s body in the lair? Cuts off Grendel’s head. As the last section begins, how long has Beowulf reigned as king?

Who does Grendel’s mother kill during the night?


Who does Grendel’s mother attack?