What does the pear tree symbolize in Their Eyes Are Watching God?

What does the pear tree symbolize in Their Eyes Are Watching God?

Throughout Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston employs the symbolism of a pear tree – its mysteries and wonders – as a representation of Janie’s questions, hopes, and aspirations. The tree embodies the roots of her memories, the branches of her vision, and the blossoming of her dreams.

What is married life like with tea cake?

Janie’s Three Marriages Her relationship with Tea Cake is her first true love; which consists of affection, happiness, understanding and everything else that follows. This marriage makes Janie feel like she has a second chance in life to relive her youth.

Why are they called tea cakes?

Tea cakes originated in Britain and were served, as the name implies, with afternoon tea. Recipes for tea cakes were passed down in families. Often the cookie was plain – much like a sugar cookie but usually softer (although there are crisp versions). It was a basic cookie that could be made with ingredients on hand.

What is ironic about tea cakes death?

The irony is that (1) Tea Cake received his death sentence, the bite, while rescuing Janie; (2) he could both beat her and rescue her; (3) she killed him with a skill he taught her and (4) the end result of his physical attacks on her was his death at her hands.

How did tea cake Die in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Tea Cake becomes deranged and pulls a gun on his wife. He and Janie end up facing off, with guns pointed at each other. Tea Cake is driven by the disease within him, and Janie shoots out of self-defense. He dies in her arms—biting her arm—and Janie mourns his death.

How does Tea Cake reassure Janie?

When Tea Cake tries to talk to Janie, she hits him. Janie’s concern about Nunkie and Tea Cake’s relationship grows, and she reveals that “a little seed of fear was growing into a tree.” Janie needs reassurance from Tea Cake that he loves only her, and he will never leave her.