What episode was Glee filming when Cory Monteith died?

What episode was Glee filming when Cory Monteith died?

Rivera and the rest of the Glee cast had a tough time getting through the scenes for the episode honoring Monteith (titled “The Quarterback”). According to her, most of the cast was in tears between takes. “Filming ‘The Quarterback’ episode was one of the hardest, most emotional things I’ve ever done,” wrote Rivera.

What was Cory Monteith last episode on Glee?

Sweet Dreams
This is the last episode to feature Cory Monteith as Finn Hudson, who missed the remainder of the season because he entered drug rehabilitation the week after filming, then died of an overdose three months after the episode aired….Sweet Dreams (Glee)

“Sweet Dreams”
Production code 4ARC19
Original air date April 18, 2013
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Was Glee filmed when Cory died?

Although as Glee fans know, Rivera’s death isn’t the first heartbreaking incident that the cast has been hit with over the years. Monday also marked the 7-year death anniversary of Cory Monteith, who died suddenly in 2013 while the show was still filming.

What episode is Finn’s death?

The Quarterback
Following Monteith’s death on July 13, 2013, it was announced that Finn’s own death would occur in the third episode of the fifth season, titled “The Quarterback”. Monteith felt that Finn has had to grow up a lot during his time on the show.

How did Glee say Finn died?

An autopsy report revealed that Monteith, 31, had died from a toxic combination of alcohol and heroin. Monteith, who passed away at the height of the show’s success, had been open with his fans about his struggles with substance abuse and even took time off during the show to go to rehab.

Why was Finn not in the last episodes of season 4?

Cory, who played Finn Hudson on the hit series, missed the last two episodes of Season 4 because he was in treatment for the addictions. He passed on July 13, 2013, before production on Season 5 began. His former girlfriend and costar, Lea Michele, recently paid tribute to her ex on Instagram.