What happened to Pepper Potts in the Marvel movies?

What happened to Pepper Potts in the Marvel movies?

During the crisis surrounding the Mandarin’s terrorist attacks, Potts was kidnapped by Aldrich Killian and injected with Extremis. She was freed by Stark during the Battle on the Norco and went on to kill Killian herself. Stark cured her of the effects of Extremis, who temporarily gave up being Iron Man just for her.

What superhero did Pepper Potts become?

In 2009, she assumed the identity of Rescue after being given her own variation of a suit of Iron Man’s armor by Tony Stark. The character has appeared in various media adaptations, including video games, animated series, and live-action films.

What Marvel movie does Pepper Potts get pregnant?

Avengers: Infinity War
Right in the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War before Doctor Strange budges in, Tony Stark narrates his dream sequence to Pepper Potts. In his dream, he saw that the two are married and Potts is pregnant. To this Potts says that this possible only when he gives up his alter ego form, Iron Man.

What color are Pepper Potts eyes?

Virginia Potts

Pepper Potts
Biographical information
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Blue
Family information

How did Killian get his powers?

Killian breathing fire out of his mouth An advanced control of Extremis granted Killian the ability to breathe fire, using it as an offensive power against James Rhodes when taking control of the Iron Patriot Armor.

What happened to Pepper Potts Iron Man 3?

In Iron Man 3, Pepper falls down and is presumed to have died. Later on, she resurfaces very much alive and saves Tony by hitting Aldrich Killian.

When did Iron Man’s wife get a suit?

During 2008’s Secret Invasion arc when Tony goes into hiding, Pepper finds a suit of armor he made for her named the Mark 1616. She begins operating under the name Rescue in his absence and has a long and storied history saving the world (and Tony’s butt) over and over again.

What does Tony call Morgan?

As far as I remember, Tony calls his daughter Maguna twice, first when they are outside, and he is trying to find her by the tent, and then again when he tells her the ‘horrible story’- “Once upon a time Maguna went to bed…the end. “

Is Iron Man’s Wife pregnant?

Gwyneth Paltrow seems to reveal a major Avengers 4 spoiler while giving an interview for Marvel’s official Infinity War magazine. Gwyneth Paltrow seems to have revealed Pepper Potts is indeed pregnant with Tony Stark’s child in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4.

Is Pepper Potts red hair?

Trusty assistant Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and lethal legal associate Natasha Romanova (Scarlett Johansson) are in fact gingers in the comics—as are X-Men’s Rogue, and Spiderman’s Mary-Jane Watson.

How old is Scott Lang Ant Man?

Ant-Man (Scott Edward Harris Lang Instead, Ant-Man’s current age is based on actor Paul Rudd’s age, who will be 54 in 2023. When he isn’t wearing the Ant-Man suit, Scott Lang is a completely normal human and seems to be aging regularly.

Who is Pepper Potts in the Avengers?

Virginia “Pepper” Potts is the CEO of Stark Industries, originally working as Tony Stark’s personal assistant, she would take care of his schedule and perform any task he wished.

Who is Pepper Potts to Tony Stark?

―Pepper Potts to Tony Stark [src] Virginia “Pepper” Potts is the CEO of Stark Industries. Originally working as Tony Stark ‘s personal assistant, she would take care of his schedule and perform any task he wished.

Is Pepper Potts a real person?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Virginia “Pepper” Potts is a fictional supporting character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, particularly those featuring Iron Man, in which she serves as a supporting character and sometimes a romantic interest of Tony Stark.

How many times has Pepper Potts been in Marvel Games?

Pepper Potts is mentioned numerous times in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Edwin Jarvis asks the player to fetch a pair of cufflinks which Pepper gifted to Tony Stark. Pepper Potts appears in the 2008 video game Iron Man and the 2010 game Iron Man 2, voiced by Meredith Monroe.