What happened to Somaya on Love & Hip Hop?

What happened to Somaya on Love & Hip Hop?

Somaya currently resides in Los Angeles, while Cisco lives in Atlanta. Somaya, who was recently made the Forbes List, appeared on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop on seasons 1 and 2.

How did Somaya Reece get rich?

Somaya Reece net worth: Somaya Reece is an American singer and reality television star who has a net worth of $4 million. Somaya Reece acquired that wealth through an emerging career in music and as a model/actress. She gained her popularity through viral marketing, mostly on MySpace.

What is Somaya Reece nationality?

AmericanSomaya Reece / Nationality

How old is Somaya?

38 years (June 17, 1983)Somaya Reece / Age

Who is the rapper XO?

XO (record label)

Founder The Weeknd Wassim Slaiby Amir Esmailian La Mar Taylor
Status Active
Distributor(s) Republic Records
Genre R&B hip hop

Who is Somaya Reece dating now?

SOMAYA REECE IS NOW DATING #LHHNY CISCO ROSADO! From the looks of it there is a new couple in town. Two #LHH former cast members are a couple, Somaya Reece and Cisco Risado.

What is the meaning of the name Somaya?

Somaya Name Meaning of Beautiful garden surrounded with roses and flowers.. Somaya name meaning in Urdu. Somaya name used for Girl. Its Pronunciation is So-maya, So-ma-ya.

What is XO TikTok?

Hey, we’re the XO Team and this is our reality show about the lives of influencers from the most popular TikTok house in the world! Haters, bullying, parent trouble, relationships: you haven’t seen us like this yet! We’ll show you how influencers live off-screen. 27:20.

Who is Somaya Reece Love&Hip Hop?

Somaya sealed a reality television show with Vh1 as their star lead Vh1 artist of “Love & Hip Hop” the show follows Somaya Reece as she tries to make it in music in the big apple that is New York City without any connections, successfully winning all obstacles endured. Somaya Reece has proven to be more than a triple threat in mainstream media.

Who is Somaya from Famously Single?

No stranger to the spotlight, Somaya started out her reality television career on Love and Hip Hop New York, which brought in over 11 million weekly viewers, and after three seasons she moved onto starring in the hit series Famously Single on E!.

What is Somaya doing now?

Most recently, Somaya has partnered with her girlfriend Lady Luck to launch a joint record label and television/film production venture, “La Rosa Ent” and “The Greatest Entertainment.” Somaya has become a successful actress, artist, and entrepreneur, and one can only guess what she will take on next.