What is a direct object give the 5 examples in a sentence?

What is a direct object give the 5 examples in a sentence?

A direct object may appear as a noun, pronoun, or a compound noun in a sentence. For instance, in the excerpt, “She closed the carton carefully. First she kissed her father, then she kissed her mother. Then she opened the lid again, lifted the pig out, and held it against her cheek” (Charlotte’s Web, by E.B.

What is direct and indirect object for kids?

A direct object is a noun or pronoun that receives the action of the verb. An indirect object is a noun or pronoun that receives the direct object. Indirect objects are only found in sentences that also have direct objects.

What is Subject Verb Object examples?

Subject-Verb-Object (S-V-O) An example is: Jemima kicks the ball. Jemima is the subject: she does the action. Kick is the verb, the action. The ball is the object, the action happens to the object.

How do you find the indirect object in a sentence?

To find an indirect object:

  1. Find the verb. Is it an action verb?
  2. If it is an action verb, put the verb in the blank and ask “____ who or what?” Now, you have found the direct object.
  3. Now, ask “to whom or for whom”? If the sentence tells you the answer to this question, you have found an indirect object.

What verbs are always used with indirect objects?

The indirect object always modifies the verb. It may have modifiers and be compound. It is used with verbs such as give, tell, send, get, buy, show, build, do, make, save, and read.

What is indirect object example?

In English grammar, an indirect object is the word or phrase that receives the direct object. In the sentence The teacher gave the students cake, the indirect object is the students. The direct object is cake, and the students are the ones who eat it.

What is an example of an indirect object?

What is an example of a indirect object? Examples of Indirect Objects He is the recipient of the direct object, “a dirty look.”) Paula passed the money to her mother. (“Her mother” is the indirect object. She is the recipient of the direct object, “the money.”) (Note: Sometimes, the indirect object will follow a preposition like “to” or “for.”)

What is the difference between direct and indirect objects?

Questions Asked to Identify Direct and Indirect Objects:

  • To identify the direct object ask the questions who or what.
  • To identify the indirect objects ask the question for whom,for what,etc. depending on the situation.
  • What does an indirect object do?

    An indirect object of a sentence shows the recipient of the direct object. It basically tells us to whom/what or for whom/what something is done Examples and definition of an Indirect Object.

    How to find indirect objects?

    To identify the verb of the sentence,ask yourself what action is taking place.

  • Ask yourself who or what is responsible for the action.
  • Ask yourself “who or what is being verb‐ed?” The answer to that question is the direct object of the sentence.