What is a double drop trucking?

What is a double drop trucking?

A double drop trailer, also known as a lowboy or a double drop lowboy, has two drops in deck height. These trailers have a well in between the two axels that’s extremely low to the ground. The end of the trailer is slightly higher than the well but lower than the front, giving it two different levels.

What is a double drop load?

A double drop has a drop in the front of the trailer and a drop in the rear of the trailer just in front of the tandem axles. This allows for a very low deck height allowing to take loads up to 12′ high legally.

What is a double drop in logistics?

The term “double drop” refers to dual low points in the deck between the axles of the trailer. The front of a double drop trailer is engineered to be higher than the back of the trailer, providing better legal height clearance up to 12 feet on the lower deck.

What is a double drop trailer used for?

Double drop trailers are usually used for hauling equipment that can be loaded onto the trailer such as forklifts, cranes and agricultural machinery. On RGN double drop trailers, the neck is detached from the trailer, allowing equipment to be driven on the trailer from the front.

How much weight can a double drop carry?

41,000 to 43,000 pounds
Generally speaking a double-drop trailer can ship from 41,000 to 43,000 pounds maximum legally without being required to obtain a heavy-haul trucking permit.

What is a double drop lowboy?

Also called a “double-drop,” the lowboy flatbed is used to haul equipment or goods that are taller than a flatbed or single-drop trailer can legally accommodate. This trailer is often used to haul industrial equipment like bulldozers. Because the deck is so low, the cargo can often be driven onto a lowboy trailer.

What is the height of a drop deck trailer?

Single-Drop Deck (aka Stepdeck)

Main Deck Max. Dims. Max. Dims.
Length 37 feet 11 feet
Width 8.5 feet (102″) 8.5 feet (102″)
Height 10 feet (120″) 8.5 feet (102″)

How much can a double drop scale?

Commodity Weight – A double drop can haul around 40,000 to 42,000 lbs before requiring an over-weight permit. Overweight Loads – When a load exceeds the overall or axle group weight limits, then an overweight permit is required.

How long is the well in a double drop trailer?

25 to 29 feet
Double Drop Deck trailers are used for oversized freight which has a height of 10 feet and more. It has a longer piece of the trailer, called a “well”, in the middle that dips below trailer axles. The well ranges from 25 to 29 feet, making it ideal for taller, shorter freight.