What is a filter on a cable line?

What is a filter on a cable line?

A so-called “digital cable filter” is—in technical terms—a high-pass analog radio-frequency filter. Typically tuned anywhere between 45 MHz and 85MHz, these devices allow radio signals higher than the stated frequency to pass through, while blocking signals on lower frequencies.

What does an Arcom cable filter do?

Arcom Cable equalizing filters offset the natural Attenuators characteristics of cables, so that when you add the cable loss to the equalizer response, you get something that resembles a flat line.

Why did Comcast put a filter on my line?

As it turns out, Comcast had detected some sort of signal leakage inside my home that was caused by unused, open cable outlets. They sent somebody over to put a filter on the pole outside to keep the issue from interfering with the their system, and this filter effectively cut off my service completely.

Can I remove a cable filter?

Loosen the coax cable from the threaded port on the filter. If necessary, use a wrench to loosen the nut that secures the cable to the filter. If the filter splices between two pieces of cable, Remove both cables. Thread the coax cable onto the port on your television or converter to reestablish cable connection.

Is it still possible to steal cable?

Stealing cable TV is a federal crime. The law prohibits anyone from intercepting or receiving any cable communications unless authorized by a cable operator. If you are receiving cable television and not paying for it, you are most likely stealing cable.

Why is the use of a black box illegal?

Both state and federal laws prohibit the reception of cable service through the unauthorized use of such equipment. Why is the use of a black box illegal? A cable company transmits signals to a subscriber’s home. It uses a cable television descrambling device to control the flow of cable service.

How do I turn off Comcast filters?

Click the trash icon to delete a filter Condition or Action. Click Save to save your filter. Back at the Mail Filter Rules page, you can also choose Edit to modify the filter rules or Disable to turn off the filter. Click the trash icon to delete the filter.

What is the cable descrambler and why do we need it?

Before borrowing your buddy’s Netflix password was ever a thing, there was the cable descrambler: That magical black box that allowed for the clear, unscrambled, uninterrupted view of the most important thing in the world to me during my early adolescence: boobs.

What happened to the descrambler market?

See, while Kramer may have promised Jerry free cable for life, the descrambler market only lasted about 10 years, as cable companies began to go digital in the new millennium, greatly reducing this kind of theft. Seymour even sold his business in 2003, as there wasn’t enough cable theft left to make it worth it.

What is a ‘ descrambler’?

Enter the descrambler, which was an illegal device that opened up all the premium channels and pay-per-views, you name it. These descramblers generally came from overseas, particularly China, Seymour explains.

Could a “magic bullet” break a descaler?

For example, a 1994 piece in the Baltimore Sun explains that the cable companies could send out a “magic bullet” signal that would instantly break a descrambler, ridding the entire system of people with illegal descramblers.