What is a track burner used for?

What is a track burner used for?

Track cutting is sometimes used on a job site when the material to be cut or gouged is of a size or shape not suited to an X-Y table. Automating these processes with a portable track burner increases productivity and results in a more uniform cut or gouge.

Whats better plasma cutter or torch?

Plasma does not require the metal to be preheated before cutting, which saves time, and plasma cutters also outperform oxy-fuel torches when cutting stacked metals. Faster speeds can be achieved on thinner metals with plasma, with minimal or no metal distortion.

How do you get the perfect cut with a plasma cutter?

9 Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Plasma Cutting

  1. Earth clamp. Make sure you have a good earth.
  2. Cutting distance. Contact cutting tips are dragged along the surface of the metal as they go to create the cut.
  3. Amps & Travel speed.
  4. Sample runs.
  5. Consumables.
  6. Dry runs.
  7. Perfect Your Shape.
  8. Don’t start from the middle of the plate.

How thick can a plasma torch cut?

Typically, a handheld plasma torch can cut up to 38mm (1.5 inches) thick steel plate. Whereas, if you need something a bit more powerful, an industrial computer-controller torch can cut steel up to 150mm (6 inches) thick. You also need to consider the type of metal that you are cutting.

How do you set up a plasma cutter?

Clean the Working Area. Before setting up a plasma cutter,ensure the working space is clean and free of any debris.

  • Create a Stable Workspace. The next step is to set up a stable working surface.
  • Plug in the Plasma Cutter.
  • Connecting the Air Compressor.
  • Turn on the Air Compressor.
  • Attach the Ground Clamp.
  • Turn on the machine.
  • Setting the Amperage.
  • How do you cut with a plasma cutter?

    Plasma helmet for eye and face protection

  • Welding jacket to protect your arms and torso
  • Welding gloves to protect your hands
  • Welding beanie to protect your hair from sparks
  • Set of jeans to protect your legs
  • Laced and tied boots to protect your feet from both sparks and dropping pieces of metal
  • Fire extinguisher
  • How to cut a straight line with a plasma cutter?

    Type of plasma cutters

  • Plasma cutting system
  • Internal variables (e.g.,cut height,cutting speed,choice of consumable)
  • External variables (e.g.,operator experience,gas purity,and material variability).
  • What is the best rated plasma cutter?

    PrimeWeld CUT500 – Editor’s Choice. Weight: 26 lbs.

  • Hypertherm Powermax30 XP – Best Lightweight Plasma Cutter. Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Hobart Airforce 27i – Premium Pick. Weight: 32.1 lbs.
  • SUNCOO CUT50 – Best Value. Weight: 25.4 lbs.
  • Lotos LTP8000 – Best Versatile Plasma Cutter. Weight: 53 lbs.