What is an inebriated state?

What is an inebriated state?

Definitions of inebriation. a temporary state resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol. synonyms: drunkenness, inebriety, insobriety, intoxication, tipsiness. Antonyms: soberness, sobriety. the state of being sober and not intoxicated by alcohol.

Does sober mean drunk?

not drunk
The most common meaning of sober is “not drunk” — people who drive need to be sober. Sober sounds a lot like somber, and it often means sad and quiet too, or sometimes too serious. Another meaning is to be logical or realistic about something.

Does intoxicated mean drunk or high?

Someone who is intoxicated is drunk. He appeared intoxicated, police said. If you are intoxicated by or with something such as a feeling or an event, you are so excited by it that you find it hard to think clearly and sensibly.

What does it mean to intoxicate someone?

transitive verb. 1a : to excite or stupefy by alcohol or a drug especially to the point where physical and mental control is markedly diminished. b : to excite or elate to the point of enthusiasm or frenzy. 2 : poison. intoxicate.

What do inebriated meaning?

Definition of inebriated : exhilarated or confused by or as if by alcohol : intoxicated. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About inebriated.

Can you get inebriated?

When you want to use an impressive word to say that someone is drunk, go ahead and use inebriated. If you like, you can also use it to refer to someone who is intoxicated with substances other than alcohol, but at its heart, inebriated simply means tanked, blotto, stinko, drunk.

How does hangover feel?

What Is a Hangover? A hangover refers to a set of symptoms that occur as a consequence of drinking too much. Typical symptoms include fatigue, weakness, thirst, headache, muscle aches, nausea, stomach pain, vertigo, sensitivity to light and sound, anxiety, irritability, sweating, and increased blood pressure.

What’s the difference between intoxicated and inebriated?

As adjectives the difference between intoxicated and inebriated. is that intoxicated is stupefied by alcohol, drunk while inebriated is behaving as though affected by alcohol including exhilaration, and a dumbed or stupefied manner.

What does intoxicated love mean?

Being drunk in love is when your heart skips a beat every time you see their name pop up on your phone with a text message. It’s walking around naked in front of them and being completely comfortable. It’s lying in bed talking about each other’s dreams, fears, thoughts and goals.