What is another term for stage whisper?

What is another term for stage whisper?

What is another word for stage whisper?

murmur mutter
aside breathy voice
loud whisper sotto voce
whisper whispering

What is meant by stage whisper?

1. : a loud whisper by an actor that can be heard by the audience but which the other actors on the stage pretend not to hear. 2. : a loud whisper that is intended to be heard by everyone. “I’ve had more than I can stand,” she complained in a stage whisper.

What is a 5 letter word for stage whisper?

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Stage whisper with 5 Letters

What is the synonym of whisper?

murmur, mutter, mumble, say softly, speak softly, say in muted tones, speak in muted tones, say in hushed tones, speak in hushed tones, say sotto voce, speak sotto voce. breathe, purr, say under one’s breath.

What does the phrase sotto voce mean?

Definition of sotto voce 1 : under the breath : in an undertone also : in a private manner. 2 : very softly —used as a direction in music.

What is another word for let it stand?

What is another word for let it stand?

stet ignore
override restore
retain undelete

Is there a word for whisper yelling?

It’s “sotto voce”, not “sotto voice”.

What is a 4 letter word for burden?

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What is a whisper yell called?

Oxymoron-noun. noun: oxymoron; plural noun: oxymorons. A figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g., faith unfaithful kept him falsely true). So we all know a whisper is quiet but a yell is loud.

What is whisper antonym?

Antonyms: shout. Synonyms: whispering, rustle, aphonia, susurration, susurrus, voicelessness, rustling.