What is Future Music magazine?

What is Future Music magazine?

Future Music magazine delivers the technique and technology behind the hits. Packed with inspiration for today’s modern musician each issue features reviews of hot new gear, tons of tutorials to help you get the most out of your hardware and software.

What happened to Electronic Musician magazine?

EQ Magazine was merged into Electronic Musician in May 2011. Future acquired NewBay in 2018. The headquarters is in San Bruno, California.

Who invented future bass?

History. The genre was pioneered by Scottish producers Rustie and Hudson Mohawke and American producer RL Grime, who began producing future bass tracks in 2010.

Who are Future Publishing Limited?

About Future Publishing We are a leading platform for specialist consumer and B2B content, publishing 80 magazines and 568+ bookazines yearly, with a total circulation of 1.4m+. For more information, please visit our corporate website.

Where is future US Inc HQ located?

New York City
(formerly known as Imagine Media and The Future Network USA) is an American media corporation specializing in targeted magazines and websites in the video games, music, and technology markets….Future US.

Industry Publishing
Headquarters New York City , US
Key people Rachelle Considine (CEO)
Parent Future plc

Who is the most famous electronic musician?

No list of influential electronic music pioneers would be complete without the great Brian Eno and his brilliant ambient music.

What is Magnetic Magazine?

Magnetic Magazine, the edm-culture blog featuring interviews, edm-downloads, house music and new electronic music. Founded in 2011 by BPM founder/publisher, David Ireland and editor Rob Simas, Magnetic is the EDM focused e-zine that combines social media, culture, style and music via a custom- designed, user-centered URL.

What are the best music and culture magazines?

FACT Magazine Covers world’s most crucial artists, Patch Notes, documentaries, audiovisual works, fact-curated exhibitions, and weekly DJ sessions from across the globe. FACT was established in London in 2003 as a bi-monthly music and youth culture magazine. 2. Magnetic Magazine

What is international music magazine?

International music magazine is a publishing company that provides artist a worldwide platform to network among themselves and their fans. IMM is designed to give maximum exposure to artist worldwide.

What is that Mag?

THAT Mag (formerly known as Origivation) is an online magazine dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of music, both locally and nationally. 19. California Rocker Award-Winning online Music Magazine featuring news, reviews, interviews, new music, and live show reviews.