What is Kawada Japanese?

What is Kawada Japanese?

Kawada (川田 or 河田), also read as Kawata, is a common Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include: Atsuko Kawada (born 1965), Japanese actress.

How good was Jumbo Tsuruta?

Jumbo was a three-time Triple Crown Champion, AWA World Heavyweight Champion, and a multi-time winner of both All Japan’s prestigious Champion’s Carnival and Real World Tag League tournaments. Jumbo was feared by many, but respected by all.

Who Owns All Japan Pro Wrestling?

Tsuyoki Fukuda
All Japan Pro Wrestling

Acronym AJPW/AJP
Headquarters Yushima Bunkyou-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Founder(s) Shohei “Giant” Baba
Owner(s) Tsuyoki Fukuda
Website all-japan.co.jp

Who killed Misawa?

On June 13, 2009, during a tag match in Hiroshima with Go Shiozaki against Akitoshi Saito and Bison Smith, Misawa died after a belly-to-back suplex from Saito.

How much is New Japan worth?

In FY2019, New Japan reported net income of 493 million yen, or $4.7 million USD. For comparison, WWE in the calendar year of 2019 reported $960 million in revenue and $77 million in net income.

Who invented the piledriver?

Wild Bill Longson (Piledriver) Born in 1906 in Salt Lake City, Wild Bill Longson was basically the original arrogant heel, and was the hated rival of everybody from Gorgeous George to Lou Thesz during the 1930s and ’40s.

How old is Toshiaki Kawada?

Toshiaki Kawada (川田 利明, Kawada Toshiaki) (born December 8, 1963) is a Japanese semi-retired professional wrestler best known for his work in All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW), whom he worked for from his debut in 1982 up until 2008.

What happened to Tomoyuki Tsuruta?

Tsuruta was the first Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion (unifying the Pacific Wrestling Federation, NWA United National, and NWA International Heavyweight titles), defeating Stan Hansen on April 18, 1989 in Tokyo. In 1992, he completed the October “Giant Series” tour before disappearing from the company for almost a year due to Hepatitis C.

What happened to Toshiaki Kawada in the Champion Carnival?

From March 26–30, 2007, Toshiaki Kawada competed in the year’s Champion Carnival tournament, going all the way to the finals where he fell to Keiji Mutoh; Kawada finished the tournament with 5 points (2 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw).

What happened to Satoshi Kojima and Kawada?

On June 24, 2007, Satoshi Kojima turned his back on All-Japan Pro Wrestling and aligned himself with All-Japan’s nemesis, the Voodoo Murders group; this angered Kawada, who had left Kojima to lead All-Japan when he lost the Triple Crown in 2005.