What is Nykaa TV?

What is Nykaa TV?

Nykaa has launched its YouTube channel by the name of Nykaa TV which has gained immense popularity among the youth. Due to the step-by-step expert guidance offered in the videos, the channel has managed to gain over 4.5 lakh subscribers in a short span of time.

What does Nykaa stand for?

Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Nayaka’ meaning actress or one in the spotlight, Nykaa is all about celebrating the star in each woman, and being her confidante and companion as she embarks on her own journey to discover her unique identity and personal style.

Why is Nykaa so famous?

Nykaa has stood as one of the most competent players in the beauty and fashion space due to its robust marketing strategy, which is carved with digital marketing at its core. The brand not only focuses on marketing in the Tier 1 cities but also pitches all the potential customers from the Tier 2, 3, and 4 cities.

Who is the CEO of Nykaa?

Falguni Nayar (2012–)Nykaa / CEO

Who founded Nykaa?

Falguni NayarNykaa / Founder

Who is CEO of Nykaa?

Is Nykaa owned by Flipkart?

As of 2020, it retails over 2,000 brands and 200,000 products across its platforms. In March 2022, Nykaa made it to TIME’s List of 100 Most Influential Companies of the year 2022….Nykaa.

Type of business Public
Founded April 2012
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra , India
Area served India
Owner Falguni Nayar (53.5%)

Who is Falguni Nayar husband?

Sanjay Nayar
Falguni Nayar (born 19 February 1963) is an Indian businesswoman and billionaire who is the founder and CEO of the beauty and lifestyle retail company Nykaa….

Falguni Nayar
Years active 1963–present
Spouse(s) Sanjay Nayar ​ ( m. 1987)​
Children 2

Is Nykaa funded?

Since 2012, Nykaa has raised money through multiple rounds of funding. In March 2020, it raised ₹100 crore (US$13 million) from Steadview Capital, thus making it a unicorn startup valued at ₹85 billion (US$1.1 billion). This was followed by another tranche of ₹67 crore (US$8.8 million) funding by Steadview in May 2020.

But we believe beauty is truly achieved when you feel good in your own skin – and Nykaa is here to empower you to do that. At Nykaa TV, you can find amazing videos on the latest makeup trends, skincare routines, expert masterclasses, makeup tips by famous beauty influencers, latest offers and much more!

Is Nykaa the most successful omnichannel platform?

While Nykaa is currently the most successful omnichannel platform in the beauty space, there’s competition brewing with Myntra and Amazon making moves to establish themselves in the omnichannel market. In the ecommerce market, Nykaa has a new competitor – Orange Something, backed by Grofers.

How many customers does Nykaa have?

Currently, it has nearly half a million customers with 800+ curated brands and nearly 1 lakh products listed on it. In recent years, Nykaa has ventured into private label products and offline retailing as well.

How did Nykaa start out?

In 2012, Nykaa started out as an ecommerce portal curating beauty and wellness products from a wide range of global brands. Soon after, Nykaa launched its first offline store in New Delhi and presently has over 68 offline stores across 20 cities in India.