What is the area of NIT Durgapur?

What is the area of NIT Durgapur?

187 acres
The Institute is located about 160 KMs north-west of Kolkata on the Howrah-Delhi main railway route and overlooking the National Highway No. 2(the great Grand- Trunk Road). The Institute spreads over an area of 187 acres of land. It is fully residential and co-educational.

Who is the director of NIT Durgapur?

Anupam Basu Chairperson
4.4 Administration Anupam Basu Chairperson (Acting), the Director National Institute of Technology, Durgapur & Professor (on-lien) Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) IIT Kharagpur 721302.

Is NIT Durgapur good for it?

NIT Durgapur is listed among the top 30 best engineering colleges in India. The college infrastructure is very good and the faculty of the college is highly qualified with great experience.

Is Durgapur NIT private?

National Institute of Technology Durgapur (also known as NIT Durgapur or NITDGP), formerly known as Regional Engineering College, Durgapur (also known as REC Durgapur or RECDGP), is a public technical university in the city of Durgapur in West Bengal, India.

Which district is Durgapur?

district of Burdwan
Durgapur is located in the district of Burdwan, in the state of West Bengal, India. It is a well planned industrial city on the banks of river Damodar. It was founded in the late fifties by the then Chief Minister of West Bengal Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy.

Who is the director of NIT Rourkela?

Karanam Umamaheshwar Rao
Karanam Umamaheshwar Rao takes charge as director of NIT-Rourkela.

Who is the director of NIT Trichy?

Mini Shaji Thomas was the Director of National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (NIT, Trichy) from 2016 – 2021….

Mini Shaji Thomas
Born India
Alma mater University of Kerala Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Is NIT Durgapur good nit?

National Institute of Technology- NIT, Durgapur, West Bengal offers under-graduate (UG), post-graduate (PG), and PhD in the streams of Engineering, Management….NIT Durgapur Ranking.

NIRF (Overall) 96th 2020
NIRF (Engineering) 47th 2020
Outlook (Engineering Institutes, Best of India) 37th 2019

What is special in Durgapur?

Known as the “Steel Capital of East India”, Durgapur gracefully blends its small-town life into metro-worthy energy. Apart from the famous steel plants, Durgapur is dotted with beautiful temples and a few other tourist spots. The local cuisine will surely make your mouth water from the heady aroma wafting in the air.