What is the best Grateful Dead bootleg?

My Top 10 (or so…) Grateful Dead bootlegs

What is the best Grateful Dead bootleg?

My Top 10 (or so…) Grateful Dead bootlegs

  • Fillmore East, New York, NY 5/15/70 (early and late shows)
  • Harpur College, Binghampton, NY 5/2/1970.
  • Madison Square Garden, New York, NY 9/18/90.
  • Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA 3/1/69.
  • Coliseum, Greensboro, NC 4/1/91.
  • 12-11-79 Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall Kansas.

What is the best Grateful Dead era?

Similarly there is general agreement on the Dead’s peak performance periods: 1968–1974, 1977, 1981–’82, 1988–’90; you’ll find a heavy concentration of Seventies performances here. In the end, though, opinions about “best” anything are always going to be completely subjective and also probably change over time.

What is so great about the Grateful Dead?

It Was One of the Greatest Touring Bands of All Time The Grateful Dead played to an estimated 25 million people over their career—more than any other band in history. In 1998, The Guinness Book of World Records certified that the band had played the “most rock concerts ever performed” at the time with 2,318.

What was the longest Grateful Dead concert?

The album contains only one song, “Playing in the Band”. At 46 minutes in length, it is the longest continuous Grateful Dead song ever recorded….

Playing in the Band, Seattle, Washington, 5/21/74
Recorded May 21, 1974
Venue Hec Edmundson Pavilion
Genre Rock
Length 46:24

What was the biggest Grateful Dead concert?

The oldest 100,000-crowd concert reported to Billboard Boxscore is Grateful Dead’s gig at the Raceway Park, Englishtown, New Jersey on September 3, 1977. The concert was attended by 107,019 people, which remains the largest ticketed concert in the United States to date.

What Dead show should I listen to?

The whole show is stellar and worth listening to, and for what I think is perhaps the best introduction to the Grateful Dead’s live catalog out there, listen to “Scarlet Begonias” into “Fire On The Mountain”. “Scarlet > Fire”, as it’s often referred to by fans, is a longtime staple in Grateful Dead live sets.

What is the number one Grateful Dead song?

1: Ripple (from ‘American Beauty’, 1970) Topping our list of the best Grateful Dead songs, it’s music to soothe the soul, with lyrics delivered by Garcia in his most peaceful croon.

How many number 1 hits did the Grateful Dead have?

The band never had a No. 1 hit and “Touch of Grey” was their final song to chart. The song’s parent album, In the Dark, was successful as well, reaching No. 6 on the Billboard 200.

Is Workingman’s Dead free-form?

For a group already established as exploratory free-form rockers of the highest acclaim, Workingman’s Dead ‘s eight tunes threw off almost all improvisatory tendencies in favor of spare, thoughtful looks at folk, country, and American roots music with more subdued sounds than the band had managed up until then.

What is the meaning behind workingman’s dead?

The rough road the Dead were traveling down seemed congruent with the hard changes faced by the youth counterculture that birthed them. Fourth studio album Workingman’s Dead reflects both the looming darkness of its time, and the endless hope and openness to possibility that would become emblematic of the Dead as their legacy grew.

What happened to the Grateful Dead in the 60s?

As the sun set on the 60s and a new decade dawned, it was clear to the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia in particular that careering down the old psychedelic trail was proving disastrous to their finances. Their meandering MO established underground credentials, but preaching to the converted didn’t fill the offering bowl.