What is the best medic weapon Warface?

What is the best medic weapon Warface?

Best PvP Weapons Medic: Uzkon UNG-12, Marlin 1894 Custom or the MAG-7.

What does vp mean in warface?

To unlock new weapons, outfits, and equipment you need to do so through the vendor. The way to unlock them is by receiving vendor points (VP) in battles/missions. To choose what item type you want to unlock next, select it under the lobby.

How do you play medic Warface?

Warface: 10 Medic Tips To Protect The Team In Matches

  1. 10 Maximize Equipment Options For Defense.
  2. 9 Get Point Black With The Shotgun.
  3. 8 Know That The Handgun Is A Beast.
  4. 7 Secure Mobility To Maximize Performance.
  5. 6 Steal A Weapon When Necessary.
  6. 5 Make Use Of Comms.
  7. 4 Take A Page From The Movies With The Defibrillator.

What are rust weapons in Warface?

“Rust” Series The series includes the FN P90 Custom submachine gun, the CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot pistol and the S&W Survival Tanto knife. The weapons of the “Rust” series are already available in the big crate of the “Prison Break” event.

How do you unlock classes in Warface?

You need to complete Medic tutorial first to unlock Medic class, to do so check your top right corner and there’s a orange icon which will guide you to Medic tutorial. If it does not show up, you may need to play few games to unlock it.

How do you unlock engineer in Warface?

The engineer class is unlocked after you have progressed to rank 5 (Cadet 2nd class). After unlocking the class, you go through a tutorial like you do at the start with the rifleman and sniper class. Engineers wield Sub-machine guns, which fire rapidly but are inaccurate at long range.

Can you craft M39 Rust?

The M39 Rifle is a uncraftable, military grade semi-automatic rifle. It is a direct upgrade from the SAR, having higher damage, capacity, and overall better performance.

Can you research SPAS 12 Rust?

12 gauge incendiary shells Accompanying the Spas, a new type of ammo has been added. 12 gauge incendiary shells are a non-default blueprint which cost 75 scrap to research. Requiring a workbench level 2, it takes 3 seconds to craft 2 rounds.

Is the SRM 1216 a good shotgun for home defense?

The SRM 1216 is reliable and fast to shoot, the gun you want at your side for personal home defense. Furthermore it is the best semi auto shotgun. SRM Arms

How many shells are in a SRM Model 1216?

The SRM Arms Model 1216 packs in a lot of firepower into a reasonably compact package. The semi-auto shotgun holds 16 shells of 12 gauge ammo. This gun was clearly designed from the ground up to be what it is. By that, I mean that this is not just another basic gun with a good idea bolted onto it.

What kind of action does a 1216 have?

Semi-automatic action that self feeds following the rotation of the quad-tube, revolving magazine. Roller delayed action provides fast cycling and reduced felt recoil. Overall length of the 1216 model is only 33.75 inches with a standard 18.5 inch barrel.

What are the dimensions of a 1216 rifle?

Overall length of the 1216 model is only 33.75 inches with a standard 18.5 inch barrel. An integrated picatinny rail combined with a three face hand-guard rail offers the shooter a broad range of options for mounting optics, sights, lights and other tactical accessories.