What is the difference between 12800 and 1600 Ram?

What is the difference between 12800 and 1600 Ram?

PC3-12800 (12800 MB/sec) is the same thing as DDR3 1600MHz (1600 MHz data transfer rate) and it runs at 800 MHz DDR clock. Similarly for others, just divide/multiply by 8. Any memory that has the correct voltage and capacity and is same or faster than what is supported by the board should work in the board.

What is DDR3 PC3L?

DDR3 or PC3 is the Standard Voltage memory module that operates at 1.50V (JEDEC compliant) DDR3L or PC3L is the Low Voltage memory module that operates at 1.35V (JEDEC compliant) DDR3U or PC3U is the Ultra Low Voltage memory module that operates at 1.25V (still not JEDEC compliant)

What is the speed of PC3-12800?

PC3-12800 has a data rate of 12800 MB/s and runs internally at 1600MHz (clock speed 800MHz), so can also be called DDR3-1600.

Can I use 1333Mhz and 1600MHz RAM together?

Yes, you can mix 1333 and 1600 MHz RAM sticks, however the system will downclock all RAM to the speed of the slowest stick. For best performance, try and buy RAM that is the same speed or faster.

What speed is DDR3?

800 MHz to 2133 MHz
The clock speed of DDR3 vary from 800 MHz to 2133 MHz, where 2133 MHz is the its peak in some cases, generally clock speed is vary between 1600 to 1800 MHz.

Can I use 1600MHz RAM on a 1333Mhz board?

RAM speed is set by your motherboard and processor combination. In short, yes 1600mhz ram will work at 1333mhz just fine.

Is DDR3 and PC3L the same?

The DDR3L SoDIMM has PC3L whereas the DDR3 SoDIMM has PC3 in the JEDEC-compliant text.

Can I use PC3L?

Yes, your laptop supports DDR3 (PC3- refers to DDR3) SODIMM memory, if the PC3L memory which you have is SODIMM (204pin) then you can install it with out any issues else if it is DIMM (240-pin) then don’t even think about it.

What is 10600S RAM?

The “S” as in DDR3 10600S for example stands for SO-DIMM which is the size of RAM for Laptops. If you had desktop memory the same RAM would say DDR3 10600.

What is the difference between 1600MHz and 1333mhz?

There is really no performance difference between running the RAM at 1333MHz compared to 1600MHz. The reason to buy 1600MHz is if you are heavily OCing. When you OC the CPU (unless you’ve got an unlocked multi like the 955) you also change the frequency the RAM.