What is the difference between forest and vegetation?

What is the difference between forest and vegetation?

The main difference between natural vegetation, forest and flora are that the natural vegetation includes grasslands, cacti and mosses etc, whereas, a forest is an area that includes a variety of trees and flora include different types of fruits, flowers and trees.

What is the difference between vegetation and natural vegetation?

Answer: Natural vegetation grows naturally whereas planted vegetation is cultivated. Natural vegetation is not modified and remains untouched by humans. Natural vegetation includes varies species and plants whereas planted vegetation is specified to few species and plants that are needed.

What is the natural vegetation?

Natural vegetation refers to a plant community, which has grown naturally without human aid and has been left undisturbed by humans for a long time. This is termed as a virgin vegetation. Thus, cultivated crops and fruits, orchards form part of vegetation but not natural vegetation.

Which forests have the greatest variety of plants and animals?

The Amazon jungle is the world’s largest tropical rainforest. The forest covers the basin of the Amazon, the world’s second longest river. The Amazon is home to the greatest variety of plants and animals on Earth.

How many types of forests are there name them?

Moist tropical Montane sub tropical
Wet evergreen Broad leaved
Moist deciduous Dry evergreen
Littoral and swamp
Dry tropical Montane temperate forests

Which state is highest forest in India?


Which type of forest is largest in India?

Tropical Deciduous Forests

Which is biggest forest in India?

Hemis National Park

What is the definition of a forest?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a dense growth of trees and underbrush covering a large tract A fire destroyed acres of forest. forests of pine and mahogany. 2 : a tract of wooded land in England formerly owned by the sovereign and used for game.

What are the importance of vegetation to man?

Vegetation affects soil development over time, generally contributing to a more productive soil. Vegetation provides wildlife habitat and food. Vegetation provides direct (e.g., timber) and indirect (e.g., watershed protection) socioeconomic products and services for humans.

What are the three types of natural vegetation?

It is categorized into three broad categories: Forest, grassland and shrubs.

  • Tropical Evergreen Forests.
  • Tropical Deciduous Forests.
  • Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests.
  • Desert and Semi- Arid Vegetation.
  • Mangrove Vegetation.
  • Moist Sub-tropical Montane Vegetation.
  • Moist Temperate Montane Vegetation.
  • The Himalayan Vegetation.

What are the forests called?

Forests can be broadly classified into types such as the taiga (consisting of pines, spruce, etc.), the mixed temperate forests (with both coniferous and deciduous trees), the temperate forests, the sub tropical forests, the tropical forests, and the equatorial rainforests.

What is the difference between natural vegetation and virgin vegetation?

Virgin vegetation mean the original, undisturbed native plants life that grows in any area. Natural vegetation refers to garments of plants and trees exit in the area before it is modified y a man for activities like farming, mining, industrial and urban development.

Which type of forests are found in India?

Types of Indian Forest

  • Moist tropical forest.
  • Dry tropical forest.
  • Montane temperate forest.
  • Montane sub tropical forest.
  • Alpine forest.

What are the different types of forests for Class 7?

Types of Forests

  • Tropical Evergreen Forests.
  • Tropical Deciduous Forests.
  • Temperate Evergreen Forests.
  • Temperate Deciduous Forests.
  • Mediterranean Vegetation.
  • Coniferous Forests.

What is a small forest called?

A grove is a small group of trees with minimal or no undergrowth, such as a sequoia grove, or a small orchard planted for the cultivation of fruits or nuts. Other words for groups of trees include woodland, woodlot, thicket, or stand.

What is classification of forest?

Classification of major kinds of forests of the world Tropical forest and Sub tropical forest. Plantations. Boreal Forest. Temperate forest. Seasonal or monsoon forest.

What do you mean by vegetation cover?

Vegetation cover defines the percentage of soil which is covered by green vegetation. Spatial and temporal changes of vegetation cover occur into the same year due to plant cycle, crop harvesting, animal grazing, plant pruning, etc.