What is the fastest way to book tatkal tickets in IRCTC?

To know how to book Tatkal ticket in 30 seconds online watch the complete slide.

What is the fastest way to book tatkal tickets in IRCTC?

To know how to book Tatkal ticket in 30 seconds online watch the complete slide.

  1. Login IRCTC before 10 am.
  2. Click on my profile.
  3. Fill all the details related to travellers.
  4. Click on my profile again.
  5. Fill all the details about the train.
  6. Again log in to the IRCTC website.
  7. Click on select favourite journey list.

What is the best time to book tatkal tickets in IRCTC?

A. Tatkal E-ticket can be booked for selected trains one day in advance excluding date of journey from the train originating station. It can be booked on the opening day from 10:00 hrs for AC class (2A/3A/CC/EC/3E) and at 11:00 hrs for Non- AC class(SL/FC/2S).

Which extension is best for tatkal booking?

5 Best Fastest Tatkal Ticket Booking Software to Book IRCTC Ticket in 2022

  • MyRailInfo Plug-in / Autofill extension (Rs. 10 per tatkal booking)
  • My Fast Booking – Autofill Extension (Rs. 10 per tatkal booking)
  • EasyTatkal.com Extension (Rs.
  • Roboform (30 Days Free Trial Software)
  • Tatkal Now (First 3 bookings free then Rs.

Is it easy to get tatkal ticket?

Tatkal first came to India in 1997 and the online facility came a few years back only. With the coming of online tatkal half of the problem is solved for booking the tickets in an emergency. However, there are chances that many people will find it difficult to book tatkal tickets online.

How many seats are there for Tatkal?

Tatkal Quota (TQ)

Classes Maximum Tatkal accomodation which can be earnmarked in a train
Executive Class (EC) 5 seats per Coach
Second AC (2A) 10 Berths Per Coach
Third AC (3A) 16 Berths Per Coach
AC Chair Car(CC) 16 Seats Per Coach

Why IRCTC is slow during Tatkal?

Due to problem in server capacity,too many visitors for booking tickets, too many members login in same time may cause the server slow. Passenger facing big problem while booking tatkal tickets.In limited time with limited seat availability passengers have to book ticket in tatkal system.

How can I use Tatkal autofill form?

Fill IRCTC Autofill form

  1. Enter “Login Detail” in Username & Password.
  2. Select Quota: You can select Quota like General, Premium Tatkal, Ladies or Tatkal.
  3. Enter “Plan My Travel” detail, All details are required if you want to use CTRL + M, other wise you can skip it.
  4. Enter Passenger Detail.

Which payment is faster in Irctc?

Which is the Fastest IRCTC Payment Method? IRCTC official e-wallet known as iMudra is the fastest IRCTC payment mode to book train tickets. It is the quickest cashless mode toward the train ticket bookings.

How to quickly book Tatkal ticket online from IRCTC?

Internet Speed – Try to get high speed internet at least 2 mbps

  • Computer Speed – Make Your Computer Ready for IRCTC Tatkal Booking
  • Disabling Antivirus – Temporarily Disable Anti-Virus Software
  • Choosing theRight Browser – Google Chrome is the best browser so far
  • Selecting a Reliable Payment method – Paytm wallet is fastest one
  • How to book confirmed Tatkal train tickets on IRCTC?

    IRCTC Takal Ticket booking: It is not that easy to get a confirmed ticket in Tatkal booking as a lot of people try to book tickets at the same time. The sooner you act higher is the chance of getting a confirmed Tatkal ticket.

    How to book your tickets on IRCTC?

    Visit the official IRCTC bus ticket microsite: http://bus.irctc.co.in.

  • Enter the bus stop from where you need to depart from in ‘depart from’ field
  • Enter your destination stop in ‘going to’ field
  • Enter the departure date or the day when you want to travel
  • Click on ‘search bus’
  • Select the appropriate bus and seats
  • What time does Tatkal ticket booking start?

    Tatkal tickets can be booked over the counter in a railway station and on the internet at IRCTC. Ticket booking opens at 10:00 AM on the day before the day of the train at origin station. The day of the journey is defined as the day of chart preparation. For APP based booking TATKAL window opens 1 day in advance excluding the day of journey.